Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude Summary

Author: Napoleon Hill

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude (1959) is a classic self-improvement book that will boost your happiness and give you the life of your dreams by identifying what Napoleon Hill learned. Hill wrote this book in 1937, and it has remained a popular read for over seventy years. In this book, Hill discusses the importance of having a positive mental attitude and how it can help you succeed. 
success through a positive mental attitude

Detailed Summary

The book has been credited with helping to change many people’s lives, including improving their happiness and giving them the life of their dreams. Hill’s goal was to help readers develop a positive mental attitude and use it to achieve success in all areas of their lives. He defines success as having enough money to provide for oneself and one’s family, being able to do what you love, and having a good reputation. 

The book is divided into three parts. Part one discusses the importance of a positive mental attitude and how it can help you succeed. Part two provides techniques for developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude. The final part discusses the benefits of having a positive mental attitude and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Hill’s principles are timeless and can be used by anyone, regardless of their situation or background. His advice on developing a positive mental attitude includes practicing visualization, setting goals, creating affirmations, and taking action steps. He also provides examples of applying these principles to success in life.

If you are looking for ways to increase your happiness and achieve your dreams, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” is a book you should read. It will help you develop a positive attitude and achieve your goals.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude Summary Key Points

This book is about two people who had a positive mental attitude and achieved success. The book talks about how they overcame adversity and how they kept their positive attitude even when things were tough.

The author highlighted some important key points, including having a positive attitude, being able to solve problems, and a technique for believing something, which we have discussed below.

“You become what you think about”
― Napoleon Hill

When you think positive thoughts, you open yourself up to success

A mind is a powerful tool; what you put into it will determine what you get. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, success will be drawn to you like a magnet. On the other hand, if your mind is full of negative thoughts, then success will elude you. It would help if you viewed success as a natural and normal part of life. It would help if you focused on what you want to achieve, not on what might prevent you from reaching it.

When your mind is positive, you open yourself up to opportunities you might otherwise miss. A positive mental attitude is also contagious. When you’re around optimistic and expectant people, their energy can rub off on you. This can inspire you to pursue your goals with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication.

Success doesn’t happen overnight – it’s the result of consistently taking small steps in the right direction. So start each day with a positive outlook, and keep moving forward towards your dreams. This means that you need to think positively, believe in your ability to succeed, and be grateful for all the good things in your life.

“If those who seek happiness would stop one little minute and think, they would see that the delights they already experience are as countless as the grasses at their feet, or the dewdrops sparkling upon the morning flowers.”
― Napoleon Hill

When you have a positive mental attitude, success will naturally follow. You’ll be more likely to take risks and seize opportunities essential for success. 

Dealing with Challenging Situation

No matter how difficult a situation is, it always provides growth opportunities. Suppose you can change your perspective and see the potential in every challenge. In that case, you can take advantage of those opportunities and become more assertive on the other side.

When you’re in a difficult situation, it can be hard to see anything but the problem at hand. But you may be surprised at the opportunities if you can change your perspective, even just a little bit.

For example, let’s say you’re going through a harsh break-up. It may seem like everything is going wrong and that there’s nothing good left in your life. But if you take a step back and look at the situation differently, you may see things differently.

Maybe this break-up is allowing you to focus on yourself for a while. Perhaps it’s helping you to learn more about what you want out of life and relationships. And maybe, just maybe, it’s leading you towards something better than before. It’s not always easy to change your perspective, but doing so can help you find the silver lining in even the darkest situations.

So next time you face a difficult situation, try to look at it from a different perspective. See what opportunities it presents, and use them to your advantage. With this positive attitude, you can overcome anything that comes your way.

Using the Autosuggestion technique makes you Hypnotize

Autosuggestion is a technique that involves repeatedly suggesting to yourself that you can achieve a specific goal. This can be done through affirmations, visualization, and other positive self-talk. By doing this, you are programming your subconscious mind to believe that you can achieve anything you want.

The power of autosuggestion has been well-documented throughout history. One of the most famous examples is Napoleon Hill. He used autosuggestion to overcome poverty and become one of the most successful people of his time. If you want to start using autosuggestion to reach your goals, the first step is to identify what it is you want to achieve.

Once you have a clear goal in mind, start making affirmations about it or visualize yourself achieving it regularly. The more frequently you do this, the more likely your subconscious will begin working towards making your goal a reality.

 Here’s an example of how you might use autosuggestion to quit smoking: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better at not smoking.” Repeat this phrase to yourself several times each day, and eventually, you may find that you no longer have the urge to smoke.

Autosuggestion can be used for many goals, including losing weight, reducing stress, improving performance at work or school, and more. Give it a try next time you want to change your life positively.

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Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Review

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude is about having a positive outlook to achieve success. It teaches that if you have a positive mental attitude, you will be able to overcome any obstacle and achieve your goals. The book also provides techniques on how to maintain a positive mental attitude. I found this book to be very inspiring and helpful. It was easy to read and understand and provided many valuable insights. Highly recommended.

To Whom do we Recommend Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary?

  • Anyone looking for ways to change their mindset and improve their life.
  • Anyone who wants to achieve success.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a positive mental attitude.

About The Author

Napoleon Hill was one of the most successful self-help authors of all time. He wrote classic books such as “The Power of Positive Thinking” and “Think and Grow Rich.” While his work is well-known and often recommended, many people don’t know that Hill was also a researcher and deeply understood human psychology.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude Summary

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