Talent Is Overrated Summary & Review

Author: Geoffrey Colvin

Talent is Overrated (2008) teaches the maxims all the artists, businessmen, and athletes need to get better and achieve success. It shows that without training and determination talent and experience mean nothing.
talent is overrated
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Detailed Summary of Talent Is Overrated

Talent is overrated mentions that born talent or years of experience in a place does not mean much. For years, we’ve heard that some random person achieved success because he was “born with it.”

This standpoint was amplified by talent shows such as The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and American Idol, which are premiering on our television screens. When they ran media coverage like, ‘Eight-year-old NY boy galvanized the judges with his natural talent!’ The rest of us were led to believe that we were not born with what it takes to be successful like them.

You could be born with a skill or spend years in an environment but might end up nowhere. This is because experience and talent do not guarantee success. What a relief to know this because this thought places all humans in the same category.

You forget about the differences that can unintentionally put you two steps behind someone simply because they are wealthy or taking advantage of opportunities. Moreover, you may not be able to control your genes or environment.

But you can develop skills and practice them until they are perfect. You will be surprised to find out that most people with top do not exhibit any extraordinary achievement.

Talent Is Overrated Summary Key Points

What do you belive that talent is inborn or can be developed through practice? When I was a kid I used to think that talent is something that is innate in ourselves. And to be very honest, I got upset when I see people with amazing talents and skills which I haven’t.

However, as soon as I grew up I got to know that talent or skill is something that can be acquired through consistency and persistent. Because when you are determined to do something or to achieve some specific skill you practice it daily and as a result you have that skill which you once craved.

Let’s discuss some key points of the book Talent Is Overrated book that will share the strategies to learn the skills in the better manner.

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Breakthroughs do not Happen Overnight

Many stories propagate that artists, writers, or even scientists have their best ideas through sudden strokes of genius. A writer had writer’s block for months until the idea for his bestseller came to him while mowing his garden.

Archimedes was setting his bath when he gathered that he could measure the volume of an irregular object while looking at the amount of water displaced by it. Such ideas led us to believe that good ideas can come to us at any moment. Science on the other hand would disagree.

 Research shows that even such mind-blowing ideas require a person’s deep intrigue and interest in their field. An average of ten years spent with immense immersion in a field blesses the person with the genius they require to come up with a brilliant idea that can make a difference.

Practise Makes a Man Perfect

Sparky Anderson says: Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced, and then it is shared.

So, how do we achieve excellence? Through practice To be a perfect man, one must possess traits like effort, persistence, faith, tolerance, a can-do attitude, and commitment. Until we start getting better, we shouldn’t give up and be content. The greatest way to perfect something is by daily practice or exercise.

We get more error-free as we practice more but we must remember that we cannot practice without making mistakes. Nobody is perfect. When you will practice something messages will transfer through neurons and when nerves will get fired myelin will grow and myelin production will increase your skills. You can read more about this idea in The Talent Code summary by Daniel Coyle.

Begin Training as Soon as you Can

So you want to do something great and something innovative. Something that no one has down before. What can be the right time to start training for it? To excel in any field,  you need to understand the basics.

So that you can reach different perspectives. Every field is constantly bombarded with new knowledge every day. So, you will need to stay updated too.

 Due to the enormity of the task, one should begin sooner and train harder. As a child or a youngster, you will have lesser responsibilities and troubles than your elders anyway. Utilize this time to get sharper and smarter. Parents also need to focus on the mental needs of their children. Providing them with a learning environment can enhance their growth.

Excellent Performance Comes from Great Determination and Commitment

Not all of us can go back and benefit from training while being young. But this does not mean that we cannot achieve our goals. Sometimes achieving your goals means going the extra mile, working after shifts, sacrificing your sleep, or staying in during the weekends.

The time which is gone is lost but you still have every minute you are living. As you start working, you will see the result although they will be very less noticeable at the smart they should be able to push you further.

 Whatever your goal is, identify it, and work towards finding the skills you need to enhance and sharpen. The requirements of your field will not change to accommodate you. You have to change your lifestyle and temperament to accommodate them.

Talent is not everything. Experience is not everything. In fact, without training, commitment, and determination; they both add up to nothing.

Talent Is Overrated Quotes

“Deliberate practice requires that one identify certain sharply defined elements of performance that need to be improved, and then work intently on them.” –Geoff Colvin

“The scarce resource is no longer money. It’s a human ability.” –Geoff Colvin

Talent Is Overrated Review

Talent is Overrated is a great book for people who are hesitant to overcome challenges in pursuit of success. You can read it in order to prevent creating the dread that mistakes would result in failure in the long run. In Talent is Overrated, you will find the extensive scientific research and fundamental data you need in this book to train yourself to perfection.

To Whom I Would Recommend Talent Is Overrated Summary

  • To people who want to achieve greatness through their hard work.
  • Artists and athletes who have an upcoming event or competition, they are training for.
  • And to everyone who wants to learn skills in this ever-changing world.

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