The Alter Ego Effect Summary

Author: Todd Herman

Short Summary
The Alter Ego Effect (2019) motivates us to achieve our goals by building an alter ego and accessing our superpowers. When we explore ourselves and figure out our superpowers, we start transforming our lives.
the alter ego effect
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Detail Summary

The book “The Alter Ego Effect” is written by the author Todd Herman. In his book, he has shared the secret of achieving the goals with the readers.

According to him, we are the writers of our stories. It means that we have the power to change our lives. We all have a secret identity, which the author calls “Alter Ego.” That is not different than you. It’s your best possible Self. We all have a second version of ourselves.

All we have to do is to untap your capabilities and explore ourselves. We need to unlock our superpowers and the hero that is residing inside everyone. Then you need to build the alter egos I.e to unlock the heroic self with an alter ego.

Moreover, the author says that the only person that hinders your success is YOU, YOURSELF. It’s the fear of the failures that need to be overcome. When you overcome your fears, insecurities, and self-doubts, only then you will be able to reach your full potential.

The Alter Ego Effect Key Points

Five categories of change

Firstly, the book teaches us a lesson that we need to find our alter egos in order to be successful in life. Creating an alter ego can help you improve your quiet qualities. These are the ones that are more difficult to get to on a daily basis. If you’re not sure what your flaws are, or if you’re having trouble creating this heroic image right away, try pinpointing the areas of your life where you’re dissatisfied.

You have to build your alter-ego from scratch. And in such a way that it resembles your best possible Self. In other words, you will have to dig deeper. You will have to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, mission, vision, etc. Then consider the changes you should make by thinking about them through the five change categories: stopping, starting, continuing, less of, and more of.

Assume you have a strong desire to dance. You want to dance more, but when you get home from work, you postpone a lot. “I want to dance more,” is an example of a change you should make. Your alter ego enjoys dancing and will not allow anything to get in the way of their desire. Use this psychological trick the next time you wish to awaken your inner spirit.

Don’t reveal your alter egos to everyone

It means that everyone’s alter egos are unique and it’s a secret identity. You should expose it. Have you heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it”

That is exactly what the author is trying to say.

If you tell anyone else about it, they will laugh at you or they won’t support you. When it comes to actual life, hardly one believes in superheroes. There’s a good chance you’ll lose faith in your superhero, who represents your whole potential. Even if we forget about it, the majority of people will be discouraged. Only a few people assist others in bringing forth their finest selves. The majority of individuals will pull you down rather than up. Another reason you don’t want others to know about this is because:

Your superhero isn’t available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must use a specific ninja technique to consciously activate your heroic Self. Okay, it’s not really a ninja move. But it’s something you can do to earn the title of hero. And for that, you need to stay lowkey and let the world sees your success only.

Attributes of alter ego

After discussing the necessity of having an alter ego in your life and how it may help you perform better, it’s time to move on to a more practical approach: how to construct and define one that fits your objectives and purpose, as well as how to give it life. Your “why” and “purpose” should be evident by now, so it’s time to figure out what qualities your alter ego requires to achieve them. When it comes to creating your alter ego’s persona, determination, skill development, and consistency are all important factors to consider.

If you want to, you can choose to impersonate a fictional or real-life figure. If you’ve ever heard someone refer to their “inner Beyonce,” now you know what they’re talking about. The goal is to emotionally connect with your alter ego and use it as a go-to method when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, are disappointed, anxious, or overwhelmed by your job.

Finally, don’t make things too complicated. Develop and empower your inner superhero. Make it a habit to activate your clever and academic side, the one who learns quickly and easily, whenever you put your reading glasses on. When you have those, that can be your alter ego, and that is who you are.

Who would I recommend The Alter Ego Effect book to?

The book The Alter Ego Effect is recommended to ambitious souls who want to change their lives by doing something out of the box. The book will give them a push and inspire them to start working to achieve their dreams.

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