The Art of Non-Conformity Summary – April 2022

Author: Chris Guillebeau

Short Summary
The Art of Non-Conformity (2010) serves as a guide for anyone who wants to make his own rules instead of blindly following conventions. This book will teach you how to rethink your life and remake your principles on different levels of your life such as work, travel, and finances and add meaning to them. The author also describes how you can leave an ever-lasting impact on others while working on your own life.
the art of non-conformity
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Detailed Summary

Are you tired of waking up and following the same rules every day just because they were adopted by society long before you were born? Do certain patterns and customs feel outdated to you and do not resonate with your inner self? What if I tell you that you can make your own rules instead of following the ones instilled in your mind by society? And you can take control of your life while making the world a better place at the same time? The Art of Non-Conformity revolves around all of these aspects.

The author addresses the book to everyone who has been stuck in the rut of a nine to five job, working several hours of the day without any purpose or sense of direction. This will change the way you think, how you allocate most of your time, pursue abundance and reclaim your work life.

The Art of Non-Conformity Key Points

Know What You Want from Life

If you ever find yourself pondering “Is this it?” or “Is there more to my life than this?” that is your cue. Do not ignore it as many people you will encounter in your life will not be even blessed with this basic level of wisdom. avoiding things that you want but are out of your comfort zone will only result in you insulating yourself from greatness. This is the time where you account for the lack of self-awareness over the years. To begin, start by creating a clear image of what your ideal day looks like from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. You never owe any explanation for pursuing your aspirations and great ideas as long as they do not pose a risk to others.

Conquer Your Fear

As a fight and flight response, whenever humans are exposed to anything that instills fear, they tend to run. Regardless of this innate response. Run towards your fear. Embrace it and trust that something good will come out of it. Push that voice back in your head that constantly whispers to you in the following words: You are not good enough! You are going to be unsuccessful! You are going to fail!

Set Clear Goals while Keeping Your To-Do List to a minimum

Divide your Bucket list into one year, five years, and lifetime goals. Your one-year to-do list can be made every December. It can include This list gets reviewed a few times a year, and I create next year’s goals each December. It can be based on different categories. Some of the preferred categories by the author are Writing, Health, Business, Friends, Family, Service, Travel, Income, and Giving.

The five-year bucket list can include goals that you want to achieve in your near future and life goals should include the aims you want to pursue in the long run and the ones take are going to take longer to achieve than five years.

Actively Discern and Challenge Authority

If you observe closely, you will notice that the people at the higher level such as your boss or the government give you just enough to reap the benefit you. However, there is always some incentive being offered so that they can distract you from the bigger things in life. This is not a trap but it represents our own contagious pattern of settling for what is “good enough”.

Trust Your Own Competence

Most people develop a sense of security by receiving a huge paycheck. For others, the sense of security at work comes from having extra facilities such as daycare or transport. These facilities however have a common source. They all come from your boss or the company you work for. But what if you change the source for this sense of security? The author argues that the sense of security you seek from the outside should be developed from within. If you work with the mindset that you are perfectly capable of achieving your tasks in an efficient manner that’s all the security you need. Take control of your own hands. Take time out to learn a new skill or visit places that may be able to enhance your skillset and provide you with more exposure.

You Can Choose Yourself and Others Simultaneously

In most self-help books, you will find the author questioning and motivating you to leave others behind and choose yourself. However, in the Art of Non-conformity, the author Chris Guillebeau assures the reader that not only they can take control back from the society they can also add more meaning to their lives by helping others. If writing a book has been one of your goals but you cannot find the right motivation to begin thinking of how many people you will be benefiting from talking about that particular topic. Fulfilling your own goals can also lead to the fulfillment of other people’s needs.

Align Your Goals and Values with Your Money Spending Habits

Having a clear sight of where you want to spend your money saves you from a lot of trouble. Instead of buying things you do not need to focus on spending and investing your money into your goals. As one of the major aims of the author is to travel, he spares twenty percent of his income to travel by ensuring that he is not overindulging in clothes and transport yearly.

The Art of Non-Conformity Quotes

“If you’re stuck in the cage, it’s time to smash the glass around you and crawl your way out. You don’t need anyone’s permission to climb the ladder, and you don’t need to apologize for escaping. If the sleepwalking life is the “real world” of the unremarkably average, the clear alternative is the living world of adventure.”

“When we really get serious about our insecurities, we usually find that three specific fears emerge: the fear of failure, the fear of success, and the fear of change.”

The Art of Non-Conformity Review

The Art of Non-Conformity is about making unconventional choices and embracing your fears. By providing actionable advice the author encourages the reader to give more meaning to his life and attain a sense of direction.  The book targets transforming your thinking towards life that eventually changing your actions.

To Whom I Would Recommend the Art of Non-Conformity Summary

To everyone pondering if there is more to life, to the person who has just entered corporate life and is struggling to find fulfillment and a sense of direction, and to the ones who want to turn a new leaf over. The book serves as a comfort guide for the days you feel lost.

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