The Art of Social Media Summary – May 2022

Author: Guy Kawasaki

Short Summary
The Art of Social Media (2014) is a self-help book that will help you to curate effective social media strategies for your social media accounts. Whether you are trying to promote your brand, establish your business, or simply share your life with others social media provides you with the platforms for all of it. Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick are two social media strategists that will teach you to attract an audience, create content and get maximum reach through their book, The Art of Social Media.
the art of social media summary

Detailed Summary

The Art of Social Media is a guide on how to execute the strategies you have been hearing about from all the social media strategists but could not figure out how to implement. As human being existing in the twenty-first century, we all spend most of our time surfing through or posting on social media. Social media has taken most of our time and whether you like it or not it has replaced most of our hobbies. It has revolutionized the way we conduct business, advertise and interact with potential customers. As almost everyone can access social media, conducting business and promoting brands or art has become easier and more convenient.

What most of us do not realize is that you cannot attract an audience or get famous only through posting. There are strategies that you need to follow in order to grow your social media platforms. These strategies include creating and curating unique content, choosing an appropriate posting schedule, having good interaction with your audience, finding your niche, and building your separate identity. In The Art of Social Media, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick will teach you all of this in detail. So let’s dive in!

The Art of Social Media Summary Key Points

Serve the social networks rather than trying to master or conquer

Social media can play a huge role in the success of your business so you have to set the right intentions as you start creating your content. When you will develop the mentality of providing rather than mastering, you will find yourself creating content that is more relevant to your audience, and at the end of the day, that is what will raise those numbers and make your mark. By having a sense of service you try to be there for your audience and get to know want are their needs and what would they like to see on their screens. You must try to know what people are thinking and believing to impress and influence them to make a certain decision This benefits your business and meets their needs simultaneously.

Build Your Audience

Have a pleasant and friendly personality when you are interacting with anyone on social media platforms. Just because you are not conversing face to face you do not get to be rude or hurt others’ feelings. Always remember that anyone can be a potential customer, if not a customer or a potential critic that is why you need to be nice. Take a genuine interest in anyone you meet on social media, if you do not like them just avoid interacting with them instead of bad-mouthing or becoming rude. Try to interact frequently with people who have similar tastes and thoughts as you this will form a group of people that will support your work in every way and stand by you.

Present Yourself in a Way You Would Want to See Someone Else

Now that you are running your social media platforms as a business you cannot afford to vent and post silly memes all the time. Work on making your account look presentable and a bit professional. Try to add a bio and profile picture that is relevant to your niche. The more welcoming and presentable your profile looks, the more people will follow you because at the end of the day people are all about looks as you know it. Use efficient and necessary eye candy to attract people.

Do Not Forget the Importance of Catchy Titles

Catchy titles are one the most effective ways you can use to draw people’s attention to your work. Sure, you need to pick unique topics and versatile perspectives for writing a blog or even just a caption but if your title is boring or cliché people will most probably just skip through the post in a few seconds. The ‘If I Were You’ Headlines and the ‘Make My Life Easier’ Headlines catch the most attention from the audience because they either relate them with other people globally or help them solve a problem or learn a skill and who does not want to fit in and make his life easier in these times?

The Art of Social Media Quotes

“if you’re not pissing someone off on social media, you’re not using it aggressively enough.” –Guy Kawasaki

“The biggest daily challenge of social media is finding enough content to share. We call this “feeding the Content Monster.” There are two ways to do this: content creation and content curation.” –Guy Kawasaki

The Art of Social Media Summary Review

This book is an excellent resource for those who do not want to take expensive courses from gurus and social media bloggers on how to successfully run social media accounts. It teaches you all the tips and tricks that are behind the successful posts of our favorite social media influencers. Every piece of advice is backed up by solid strategy. If you are an entrepreneur or artist working from home this book will open your mind up to many opportunities.

To Whom I Would Recommend The Art of Social Media Summary

  • To the thirty-two-year-old woman marketer working from home.
  • The newbie bloggers who want the inside scoop from social media strategists.
  • And to all the millennials who want to make an impact by their platforms but are overwhelmed by the possibilities.