The Audacity of Hope Summary – June 2022

Author: Barack Obama

Short Summary
The Audacity of Hope (2006) explains Brack Obama’s journey through Harvard law school, the senate, and the presidential campaign. The book brings a closer image of the personal, professional, and spiritual journey of America’s former president. It also reaffirms that the best way to move forward for Americans is by reclaiming the American Dream.
the audacity of hope summary
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Detailed Summary

The Audacity of Hope Summary will help you understand the decisions and inside influences that were carried out by Barack Obama during his two terms as the first African-American commander-in-chief. It also sheds light on more personal aspects of Barack Obama’s life such as how he met his wife and how he managed his life as a senator and a father.

Obama explains how people in the government are eager to start wars based on nothing but passion and politics and subject the common masses to the horrors that come with it. He explains that in modern-day America the voter is chosen by the politician instead of the voter selecting the candidate of choice. These people target the potential voters and when they get to the office, they do not show any empathy. In Obama’s view, the politicians may never reach one point but if they want to do something good for their people empathy can bring them close enough so that they can work together. It is empathy that can make everyone see and work beyond their limited vision including the conservative and the liberal, the powerful and the powerless, the oppressed and the oppressor.

In the Audacity of Hope Key Points, you will find some of his views on Modern-day Politics by Obama, his advice on rising above the circumstances, and his vision of America’s success.

The Audacity of Hope Summary Key Points

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution

The Declaration of independence is a document co-authored by multiple important historical figures including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. This document officially announced the separation of thirteen colonies from Great Britain and presented the rights that will be entitled to all the citizens of the United States from that moment till ever. The Declaration of Independence and the constitution reject the right of any pope or king to rule over the United States and reaffirm that all men and women are born equal and free. No one can exercise any force over them.

They have the right to be free and make their own choices. The individuals thus will help each other as a community but will not be forced into anything unlike the slavery they had faced in Great Britain for years. Obama invites his readers to look back upon these values. The values of community, opportunity, and freedom so that they can work together for the better future of America while reclaiming their power.

Modern-Day Politics in Not about Speeches, Honesty, and character

Obama explains that the politics in modern-day America is not about who is better, has greater command of speech, or has a strong character. The current political scenario is heavily shaped and reshaped by money, media, and campaigns. This makes it harder for the voters to be impartial. The leaders and politicians can exert such great influence that it appears that a voter no longer chooses his candidate. The candidate chooses the voter. The donors donate a great deal of money to the political campaigns.

The result? The politicians no longer have to go door to door asking people for donations or support. This reduces their interaction with the common masses and thus narrows down their vision. The sensational political personality is further amplified when the politicians only disagree with their opponents and stand firmly to their ground even when they are wrong. All of these influences combined have created a political environment that is far away from honesty, empathy, and truthfulness.

Through luck and sweat and smarts, each of us can rise above the circumstances

Nobody likes to be poor, live a hollow life, and have no purpose. Obama reclaims the ideas of the founding fathers of America that everyone in the state is born free and has a right to equal opportunities. What makes the difference then? According to the author, everyone can rise above their circumstances through values. The values of hard work, thrift, self-reliance and self-improvement, and risk-taking. The values of drive, discipline, temperance, personal responsibilities, and hard work. This is how one can rise above the poor economic system and poverty. Along with following these values, Barack Obama invites his readers to ask the same question he has asked himself throughout his political career. And that question is: “How would that make you feel?”.

The Audacity of Hope Quotes

“More than anything, it is that sense – that despite great differences in wealth, we rise and fall together – that we can’t afford to lose.” ― Barack Obama

“If we aren’t willing to pay a price for our values, if we aren’t willing to make some sacrifices in order to realize them, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all.” ― Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope Summary Review

The Audacity of hope summary is a written description of Barack Obama’s personality, ambitious political journey, values, career at Harvard Law School, and understanding of American History and communities. Barack Obama is a very prominent narrator in political discourse and through this book, he proves his undeniably convincing narration skills. It is a great chance for the readers to know about his experiences, values, and political beliefs. It explains the influences behind the policies of Barack Obama that were made before during and after this book was published.

To whom I Would Recommend the Audacity of Hope Summary

  • To anyone who aspires to have a political career and is looking for the best advice.
  • The millions of fans of Barack Obama want to know more about his time in the senate and with his family.
  • To the twenty-four-year-old fresh law graduate.
  • And to anyone who likes to read biographies and memoirs because this one is one of the most interesting biographies.

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