The Biology of Belief Summary – February 2022

Author: Bruce Lipton

Short Summary
The Biology of Belief (2005) negates the previous ideas in the field of biology and calls them outdated. He has convinced the readers to start believing in the new findings and inventions in the field of biology.
the biology of belief
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Detailed Summary

In the book The Biology of Belief, the author has compared the advancements in the field of physics and biology. Moreover, he has pointed out how people are aware of the new findings in physics but they are still believing the wrong concepts about biology.

The writer says that a lot of new things have been discovered in the field of physics and with time, they got accepted by people. People are now well aware of every new concept of physics. Firstly, people used to believe in Newton’s discoveries and concepts in the field of physics but after Einstein’s theory of relativity, people started believing it. Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum physics changed people’s perspectives and this is how new inventions take over.

The writer says that the field of biology is not well advanced as compared to physics. People still believe in the wrong concepts of biology. Bruce has pointed out those wrong concepts of biology and raised awareness about the new concepts.

The Biology of Belief Key Points

Genes and DNA are not the key factors in human development

One of the wrong concepts that Bruce has discussed in his book The Biology of Belief is that genes play the most important role in human development. Which is not true.

The concept that genes play the most important role in human development was accepted in the 20th century. People strongly believe in it. Moreover, people assume that a person’s health, diseases, growth, and psychology is dependent on genes.

In addition to this, it was believed that if a person is miserable, we should blame genes for this as well. The writer here says that he was also a victim of this belief.

But one day, Bruce the biologist, was working and he read his notes carefully. He found out that genes are only the molecular blueprints that are used in the construction of cells, tissues, and organs. Moreover, he realized that environment plays a greater role in human biology.  We can shape our own destiny and genes do not control it.

Lamark’s and Darwin’s Theory

The writer in his book The Biology of Belief denies the theory of evolution by Darwin.

He says that although Darwin is known as the “father of natural selection” he has done a lot in the field of biology. But Darwin believes that the concepts given by French Biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck are more acceptable and closer to the truth. Moreover, Lamarck’s concepts are correct keeping in mind the recent innovations in Biology.

Bruce has compared Darwin’s concepts with Lamarck’s. According to Lamarck, there is cooperation between species as central to evolutionary processes.  whereas Darwin’s theory support interspecific competition.  Moreover, Lamarck gave the concept that species adapt to the environment by interacting with the surrounding species. Whereas on the other hand, Darwin’s concepts were totally opposite.

The author says that Lamarck’s concepts are more acceptable, logical and according to the recent findings in Biology.

Environment shapes us

As the writer believes that genes don’t play a major role in human development. He says that the environment is that key factor that plays a major role in human development.

Moreover, he has discussed the impact of parenting on a child. It has a strong influence on the child. Whatever a child hears more often leaves an impact on him. Let’s take an example that if people repeatedly call a child “stupid”, “dumb” or “weak”. It will affect him negatively and this will leave an impact on his “self-confidence” in the later years of his life.

Besides this, the writer says that whatever a mother does during her pregnancy will affect her child after delivery as well. This is because the fetus’ cells perceive all of the things in the mother’s womb. He responds to it and programs according to it. That’s why a mother’s emotions, diet, and environment have a strong influence on the child.

Who would I recommend The Biology of Belief summary to?

The book summary is recommended to medical students who want to gain more knowledge about recent advancements in the field of biology. Moreover, young parents should also read this book to get a guide on parenting and understand that whatever they feed to a child’s brain leaves an impact on him throughout his life.