The Blue Zones Book Summary & Key Points

Author: Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones (2008) gives advice to live a long and fulfilling life and calls for a lifestyle change in terms of diet, sleep, and exercise. The advice is drawn from five places on Earth where people tend to live the longest.
the blue zones book

Detailed Summary of The Blue Zones Book

Nobody among us wants to age or die but we also do not want to live a crippling life troubled with aches, diseases, and depression. We want long life and good health to fully enjoy it. Dan Buettner also with his researchers has identified the areas in which people live the longest and these areas are known as blue zones.

All the societies of the world have their distinct ways of living, earning, and spending time. The people of the blue zones seem to have excelled in these.

 The principles of the blue zones include: moving naturally, finding the right tribe, putting loved ones first, including Plant Slant in diet, following 80% while eating, downshifting, pairing red wine with water and vegetables, belonging to a community, and finding a purpose.

In the Blue Zones book, you will find some of the secrets of the people whose average life expectancy is more than a hundred years. Not only do these people live longer; but they are also happier, mentally sound, and physically fit.

The Blue Zones Book Key Points

Want to explore the lifestyle and habits of the world’s longest lives people? The author has traveled the world to discover the most lived people’s practices in health and life, so we can put them to work in our lives.

The book shares practical advice on how to live longer and healthier lives, so let’s dive into the summary of key points to unwrap the extraordinary data about centenarians ’ life in the Blue Zones.

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Drink more, Eat less

Studies show that human brains can confuse dehydration with hunger. This is why sometimes we tend to overeat while in reality, we are just in need of water. Drinking 5 to 6 glasses during the day is the minimum requirement of the human body. Also, it is the secret of longevity for the people of Loma Linda which is just outside Los Angeles.

Cut down beverages like soda, vodka, and sugary and preserved juices, and focus on drinking plain water. Just like you need to focus on what you have to drink; also focus on what you have to eat. Most people who live up to one hundred years have a diet that is very low in calories.

They also prefer eating less and leaving some space in the stomach so that the food has time to process. Just like the people of Okinawa who eat food until their stomach is 80% full. Eat more vegetables, beans, fruits, and whole grains.

Have a Purpose in Your Life

Most people die when they have nothing to do. Not having a job or a hobby are more common reasons for death than you might think. Without a purpose, people just eat drink, and sleep. There remains no difference between a human and the other species of the world. A purpose is what separates humans from other species.

Patrick Foley writes in Winning at Retirement: “Retirees have an abundance of free time and in part because for many people setting aside their career represents a significant loss of purpose, one that needs to be replaced to keep us feeling engaged in life.”

So whenever you have a long break in your career or you have retired, try to find something meaningful to do with your life. Something that fulfills you, keeps you on the edge, and makes you happier. Having a purpose in your life will make you look forward to every day hence it increases your life expectancy.

Invest in Your Family

Your family is always relevant no matter where you go or in what circumstances you grew up. Dan Buettner’s research in the Blue Zones book shows that the people who keep their family close and harbor good relationships with them have a longer life span than those who do not.

Investing in your family not only means spending on their needs and wants. It also means allocating time in your day for them. Paying attention to their emotions, showing care, and putting in the effort. Investing in your children will teach them to care back for you and care for your community.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is everywhere because of the ever-changing world and its requirements. The people of the Blue Zones however have found certain ways to reduce stress so that they can live longer. Additionally, the people of Sardinia believe that being a part of a community that cares for you and having a good sense of humor can help reduce stress.

The people of Loma Linda, believe that taking time out for one’s self and their family can effectively bring stress levels low. Other activities that have helped in reducing the stress of the people in the blue zones include walking, swimming, hiking, and other physical activities.

In the same way, we can find what works best for us when we are stressed it can be as simple as taking a walk outside or doing yoga.

The Blue Zones Book Quotes

“I found that when you are depressed, that’s when you do something for somebody else.” –Dan Buettner

“Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile.” –Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones Book Review

In the Blue Zones book, you will find not only the secrets of a long life but amazing research and fun facts about people who remain active even in their 90s and live up to 100 years. Dan Buettner has also included a list of strategies that can be applied by all of us living outside the blue zones to increase the time and efficiency of our lives. You will find the book to be simple, fast-paced, and interesting.

To Whom I Would Recommend The Blue Zones Book Summary

  • To the fifty-two-year-old who is worried about how he will spend his retirement years.
  • To the thirty-five-year-old woman who wants to age backward.
  • And to anyone who wants to become fit and live a longer life.