The Burnout Fix Summary 2022 – April 2022

Author: Jacinta M. Jiménez

Short Summary
The Burnout Fix (2021) by Jacinta M. Jiménez is a practical guide to thriving in the surrounding you work in on daily basis. She covered the topics of how can you tackle procrastination set boundaries between personal and professional lives, to identify the unhealthy pattern of behavior that can lead you to feel overwhelmed. She also includes practical advice on how to get organized, manage your time effectively and so much more.
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Detailed Summary

When you are in a full-time job, you are not able to work on your side hustle. By the time you get home from work and eat dinner, it is already too late to do anything productive for the night. When you finally fall asleep after working for hours the night before, you make go at 6 AM to repeat the cycle. Everyone inevitably ends up exhausted but how does one get away from this lifestyle and start living life freely?

Forget about the 9-5 workdays, especially if you are in a situation where they don’t pay overtime. Instead of working all day and all night, what if there was a way to have enough time to fulfill your personal and professional obligations and unlimited time to pursue your leisure?

If you thought that impossible, you have not read ‘Burnout fix’ yet. This is a book in which the author describes how to get out of this ‘Rat race’ and manage to step off the hamster wheel and find the balance between career and lifestyle. Some of the important key points are the following.

The Burnout Fix Key points

You can avoid burnout and live a happy life by mindfulness

“We don’t see burnout as a failure or a weakness because when you find the root cause of your burnout, you can truly heal and move forward.”

Although the phrase “burnt out” can be used to describe someone tired because they did too much work, it most often refers to people who are experiencing severe stress and mental exhaustion as a result of workplace pressure. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, when employees are overwhelmed by stress they can experience symptoms such as sleep problems, headaches, stomach problems, and weight changes.

There are ways to reduce your stress, though. The first is to adjust your perspective, as mental health issues can hurt your physical health. Mindfulness meditation is a simple breathing exercise in which you focus on the sensations of breathing. If you get distracted by thoughts, you just bring your attention back to your breathing rather than following the thoughts. Even if your mind wanders during the meditation, you should come back to your breath.

Burnout, stress, and other forms of mental fatigue are becoming more and more common in today’s daily grind. And with the average person checking their phone every 5 minutes and spending at least 2 hours on social media, it’s hard not to feel mentally tired most of the time.

Success is the outcome of a network of people behind us

One of the things that I believe has led us to be so successful is the fact that we have a great network of people behind us. We have always said that success is the consequence of a network made of meaningful connections and supportive people.

I think the best leaders are not the ones who try to get everyone to love them. They’re the ones who make an effort to connect with others and, in the process, find that people start to genuinely love and respect them.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’s most certainly the most effective.

We feel that vulnerability is a critical component of developing meaningful, supportive relationships — and so we try to be vulnerable in any communication we have with our users/customers. Being vulnerable also opens you up to criticism and judgment which we’re ok with because if we’re not honest then, you know what, there’s just no point in us being here.

Find your mission statement to have satisfaction and joy in life

Have you ever thought about your mission statement? That why is lite seems to you? Why do I do the exact things every day? The worlds we live in are not set in stone. In this world, the most flexible cells are those that can adapt and adjust to change. These cells stay flexible by constantly renewing their purpose. They keep asking themselves two questions, “What is our purpose?” And “What is the meaning of our existence?”

Finding you’re why and what will bring satisfaction and joy in your life instead of burnout and stress. How would you find you’re why? Try understanding your values, and your passion for something. Pick the top ones and work on them. Analyze your skills which you are good at. Then find out how can you make an impact by your skills in your life.

Your values, your work, your passion, and the meaning of your life are your mission statement. If you look within yourself, ask these questions. I’m sure you will find more joy in your work. I think it’s important for everyone to do two things: First, be aware of their purpose in life; and second, make that awareness clear to the people around them.

The Burnout Fix Quotes

“In today’s world of work, it is an imperative practice to ensure that you can perform at your best.” Jacinta M. Jiménez

“It’s funny how out of nowhere life can just turn your world upside down.” Jacinta M. Jiménez

The Burnout Fix Review

The burnout fix is the light guide for people who always struggle with burnout, stress, and anxiety. By reading it you will find the true meaning and mission of your life. This will show you solutions you can follow to fix your burnout.

To whom I would recommend The Burnout Fix summary?

  • A manager wants an innovative and stress-free environment for his workers.
  • Anyone who wants to find out how to avoid burnout.
  • Anyone wants to keep a balance between their personal and work life.

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