The Desire Map Summary – September 2022

Author: Danielle LaPorte

Short Summary
The Desire Map (2012) is a guide toward living your best life. A life that is aligned with your passion, desire, and soul. The Desire Map will teach you how to find out your desires and how you can use your desires to guide your actions.
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Detailed Summary

Desires can be healthy, unhealthy, positive, or negative. When we truly desire something, we get passionate about that thing. Strong emotions start to influence our decisions. Just like being useful or harmful, desires are of different magnitudes as well. For example, spending a weekend in bed after a tough week at work can be the only thing you would be desiring near the end of the week. Such a desire can be labeled as small in front of huge desires like the thirteen colonies of Great Britain desiring to be separate and form a homeland named America.

 If we precisely focus on the life of a person, we would realize that everyone has certain sets of goals, things they want to do, and things they want to achieve in their lifetime. Knowing what you desire can greatly influence your life. In the desire map, you will find out how you can know what you desire, how you can use your desires to positively shape your life, and how desires can be so powerful.

The Desire Map Key Points

How are Desiring Things Healthy and Important?

The word desire itself is mostly used with a sexual connotation. Just like passion and lust. But the author Danielle LaPorte in the Desire Map explains several types of Desires. The most important among these desires is the desire to live. This includes us wanting to have edible and healthy food, a protected shelter, education, a job, friends, love, and companionship. If we lack even a few of these our life does not stay balanced anymore. These things and people make us want to live. So, in this sense, desire keeps us alive and fuels us.

Another type of desire is romantic. Remember your first love or your first crush. You desperately wanted to get their attention, to sit with them or look at them daily at your school or college? This desire gave you butterflies and made you ticklish inside. Whenever your friends mentioned them, you would start blushing. Desire also means seeking someone’s company and companionship.

The third type of desire is wanting something bigger in life and wanting it desperately. It can be a huge goal or dream, for example, owning your business, publishing a book, or becoming a top designer. Such a desire fuels us but at times can also make us feel frustrated when there are delays or results are not apparent. If you have such a desire to not get tense. Delays are a part of life and you have not done anything wrong by following what you desired.

Your Feelings Are Faithful to You and Only You

Ever wonder why people advise you to take decisions by the head and not the heart? The meaning behind this phrase is that tone should take decisions with thoroughly thinking. When you rationally decide something, you weigh its pros and cons. You think about the short-term and long-term impact of your decision. Social and peer pressure is also breathing down your neck. So, when you decide with your brain you are thinking about everything and everyone.

 On the other hand, your feelings are only true to yourself. They only tell you what you want, what you desire. And this is why the author is advising you to pay attention to them. Your feelings will uncover what your soul truly wants. So go after that. If something is making you unhappy but there is huge societal pressure on you to keep it going, do not give in. You come first before anything else.

Set Goals that Align with Your Desires

You have perhaps already heard about goal setting. Goals should be realistic. This is the number one quality of your goal if you want to achieve it. The author advises the readers to know why they are setting a particular goal. Knowing this why will allow you to align your desires with your goals. If your goals make you feel sick, and extremely stressed out all the time, and they appear very daunting; they are not the right goals for you. They do not speak with who you are.

Goals should make you grow as a person. They are meant to improve you and this is only possible when they are not messing with your mental and physical health. So do not get carried away chasing things that are not desired by your soul truly.

The Desire Map Quotes

“Awareness is realizing that our life could always be better. Growth is doing what it takes to make it better. When we choose the positive over the negative, liberation over repression, truth over illusion, we become real creators.” ― Danielle LaPorte

“You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel about it.” ― Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map Review

The Desire Map will show you how to accept your flaws and weaknesses, align your goals with your desires and how not give in to the pressure from peers and society. It will teach you how to become your own human and how to find out things in life that truly speak to you. Life is short and one should not waste it while chasing things that they think they want but the reality is otherwise. So, grab the desire map, learn how to find out your true desires, and then use them effectively for your benefit

To Whom I Would Recommend the Desire Map

  • To the eighteen-year-old college student who is not sure about what he wants from life.
  • To the thirty-two-year-old woman who wants to make decisions without societal pressure.
  • And to anyone who wants advice on goal setting.
The Desire Map Summary - September 2022

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