The Energy Bus Summary – March 2022

Author: John Gordon

Short Summary
The Energy Bus (2007) will help you create positive energy with ten simple rules and make it the center of your life, work, and relationships. This book will challenge you to find your voice and spark the attitude of an entrepreneur inside you. Many lessons can be applied to any aspect of life, even if you aren’t a leader or manager or anything like that. Some people said that it helped them tremendously to Overcome depression and other issues.
the energy bus summary
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Detailed Summary

The energy book is styled as a parable that is based on a school bus driving on a winding road with hairpin turns. The school bus represents the different elements of life. In the story, Jon Gordon uses the characters on the bus to relay his ten rules for creating positive energy including Rule No. 4 which is “Find Your Voice!” This rule tells the reader to use their voice to uplift others, and motivate co-workers, clients, friends, and the like.

There are times when it feels like everything is going wrong. You get a flat tire on the way to work, you spill coffee all over your expensive new suit, and then you get an angry call from your boss who tells you that you won’t be getting that promotion you were counting on.

Although you can’t usually control the things that happen to you in life, there are some simple ways to handle them and take care of yourself when life throws you curveballs. The Energy Bus is about how to do that. It’s about how to keep a positive attitude even when things seem like they can’t possibly get any worse. It is about how to live your life the way YOU want to live it, not the way other people think you should live it.

The Energy Bus Summary Key Points

E+P= O for positive outcomes

George is the hero of this story, works in a light bulb company, and facing a negative situation. Some years ago, his car got damaged and he had to take the bus but he didn’t know that those moments will change his life. The driver of the bus was having so much positive energy in every of her passenger by sharing ten positive rules with them. The few are on how to take control of your life when you are going to lose it. Positive energy is fuel to the good journey of life which is the third rule. We should focus on the upside of everything, Joy says.

The bus driver shared the E+P= O formula ( Enery+Perception= Outcome.) In other words, you must reclaim the driver’s seat of your life. If your perception is positive, you’ll always have a positive outcome. This is similar to the Stoic idea of ‘Amor fati,’ which means to love your fate, no matter what it brings. It’s the difference between thinking life happens to you and life happens to you.

You can learn to love your fate because it gives you the power to change it. You can choose to make everything work out in your favor.

Have enthusiasm because it gets people on the bus

Enthusiasm means to be filled with the divine. It means we’re filled with God’s spirit, with the fire that he gave us. And what happens, as a result, is you’re flushed with emotion. You find it hard to even speak. Your heart beats faster, your pulse races, your skin sweats, and so on. And the story about Martin Luther King, Jr., when he was making the speech saying: “I have a dream…” He was very nervous about that speech, and about getting up there in front of all of those people and making his statement. And at the last minute, he goes over to his friend, who was a musician and whose name was Mahalia Jackson, and she’s playing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.

Enthusiasm is what makes you a promoter of the things you love. It’s what gets people on your bus. It’s infectious. Humans can sense enthusiasm from a distance and it’s what gets people on your bus. The only way to make it go is to have some kind of enthusiasm for it – by which I mean some kind of faith in them, some kind of belief in them.

Love people, recognize them, and appreciate their accomplishments

We’ve all had at least one boss who seems to know everything about you and does just about everything he or she can accommodate your needs. We’ve also had at least one boss who doesn’t seem to notice when things are going wrong until you’re about to quit or fail. Well, which boss would you prefer? You might think it would be nicer to have a boss who knows and cares about what you’re going through. However, the opposite is true.

Chances are, you’d prefer a boss who stays out of your business and leaves you alone-that is until you need help, or something goes wrong. The best bosses don’t watch over their employees like a hawk. They know how to give them freedom so they can succeed.

Three things that Joy told George to do with the team:

  • Meet people one on one.
  • Practice empathy.
  • Recognize individual accomplishments.

The Energy Bus quotes

“Remember, you have only one ride through life so give it all you got and enjoy the ride.” Jon Gordon

“Positive energy is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more powerful you become. Repetition is the key and the more you focus on positive energy the more it becomes your natural state.” Jon Gordon

The Energy Bus Reviews

“Good book. IDK what else to write. still pretty relevant. just about positive energy and stuff. the other reviews didn’t get the main points of the book.” Christian Castile

“The author uses up a lot of pseudo-sciences, talks about gods with everything, and mixes it with actual information. It’s a silly book and should never be seen in the workplace. This book is only for you if you want to hear nonsense about feelings being emitted with electromagnetic fields from the heart.” Porangi

To whom I would recommend The energy bus summary

  • A student who feels he lost his life.
  • A manager who thinks they have been burned out and lost their purpose to work.
  • Anyone going through a slump.

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