The Girl in the Locked Room Summary – Mysteries Unlocked

  • Writer: Mary Downing Hahn
  • Genre: Supernatural Fiction
  • Published: 2018 
  • Published by: Simon & Schuster.
  • Length: 256 pages.
  • Setting: set in a haunted house in Virginia.
  • Translated: Spanish, German, French, & Japanese.
  • Age warning: 10+
  • Writing tone: suspenseful & satisfying.
  • Writing style: clear & straightforward
  • Ending: bittersweet.

Do you know: It has won several awards, such as the Edgar Allan Poe Award and the Christopher Award.

3-Sentence Summary

In The Girl in the Locked Room, Jules(a 12-year-old brave girl), takes on the challenge of moving into a haunted house. Finding Lily Bennett, a 10-year-old girl trapped as a ghost since her parents’ murder in 1889, Jules with her newfound friend Maisie devises a plan to find a way to free Lily from her ghostly prison. Together, they embark on an adventure, delving into the house’s dark history and unraveling the mysteries that bind Lily’s soul to the haunting past.

One-Line Synopsis

Jules and Maisie embark into a haunted house to free the trapped ghost girl, Lily Bennett, from her ghost imprisonment, cracking a century-old mystery.

Short The Girl In the Locked Room Summary

Jules bravely explores a haunted house, forming an unlikely bond with the ghost girl, Lily Bennett, who has been trapped there for over a century. Together, Jules and Maisie embark on an investigation to uncover the truth behind Lily’s tragic fate and find a way to release her from the spectral (Ghost) confines of the house.


Here I will Highlight The Main Characters of The Girl In the Locked Room.


A 12-year-old girl moves into the haunted house with her father. She is a girl who is determined to help Lily.


A 10-year-old spirit was murdered in the house in 1889. She is trapped in the house as a ghost.


Jules’s friend helps her to explore the mystery of Lily’s death. She is a clever and innovative girl who is always ready to help her friends.

Mr. Smith

Jules’s father. He is a kind and loving man.

Mrs. Deever

The owner of the haunted house. She is a mysterious lady who appears to know more about Lily’s death than she is letting on.

Detailed The Girl In the Locked Room Summary and Review

Jules, a spirited young girl, fearlessly steps into the unknown as she moves into a haunted house. Little does she know that her arrival will set in motion a series of events that will uncover a century-old mystery and generate an unbreakable bond with the ghost girl, Lily Bennett.

Discovery of Lily Bennett

Jules, with a spark of curiosity in her eyes, explores the mysterious corridors of the haunted house, struggling upon a locked room covered in mystery. As she dares to unlock its secrets, she encounters Lily Bennett, a ghost girl who has been trapped within the house for an astonishing 134 years.

From the instant they encounter each other, a profound connection forms, intertwining their destinies in a mysterious and inexplicable manner.

Exposing Lily’s Haunting History

Through gripping flashbacks, Jules uncovers the heartbreaking truth behind Lily’s entrapment as a ghost. In 1889, Lily’s parents fell victim to a senseless act of violence when they were brutally murdered by thieves, leaving Lily behind as the sole witness to their tragic demise. 

Since then, her spirit has remained tethered to the house, unable to find peace.

Jules & Maisie Formulate a Plan (The Power of Friendship)

Jules receives the help of her loyal friend, Maisie, as they embark on a daring mission to break Lily free from her spectral prison. Armed with their unwavering determination, they explore every nook and cranny of the haunted house, following cryptic clues and unearthing long-forgotten secrets.

With each step they take, their friendship deepens, fortifying their resolve to defy the supernatural forces that hold Lily captive.

Unraveling the House’s Dark Secrets

As they delve deeper into the house’s sinister past, Jules and Maisie encounter malevolent entities and face chilling encounters. Yet, undeterred, they press on, driven by their determination to set Lily free and bring justice to her tormented soul.

Jules and Lily face a test of bravery and cleverness as they race against time, driven by a single mission – to break the curse that has kept Lily captive for far too long.

Summing Up

As I reached the final pages of The Girl in the Locked Room, my heart raced with uncertainty. Further, Jules and Lily’s remarkable journey had taken me on a rollercoaster of emotions, from fear to hope, from despair to victory. Moreover, In their brave quest for truth and freedom, they taught me the power of resilience and the strength found in unlikely friendships. This captivating tale will forever hold a special place in my heart, a reminder that even in the darkest of places, love and courage can prevail.

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