The Greatest Salesman in the World Summary – March 2022

Author: Og Mandino

Short Summary
The Greatest Salesman in The World (1968) is a business classic by Og Mandino that will help you become better at sales by becoming a better person all around. There is a story of Hafid in the book, an apprentice in the Valley of ten thousand clouds of smoke who seeks to learn about the “science of selling”.
the greatest salesman in the world
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Detailed Summary

The greatest salesman in the world is an amazing book on success in business and life. You can read and study it multiple times over the years and never cease to walk away with something new.

The story follows a man who is down on his luck and struggling to pay his bills. He takes a job as a door-to-door salesman but quickly quits because no one will hear his presentation. So he becomes determined to learn how to sell and uses what he learns to become the greatest salesman in the world. You’ll learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in any business or career along with the lessons you’ll need to succeed in life.

However, this book doesn’t just fall into the self-help category. The words and ideas found in this book are very powerful because the author had to learn them firsthand before writing about them. Regardless of what you want to be in life, an artist, or selling the stuff, we all should know the art of persuading. Let’s learn some key points from The greatest salesman in the world.

The Greatest Salesman in the World Key Points

The best you can do is to love other people unconditionally

The most productive thing you can do to sell stuff is to love other people. If you’re an effective salesperson, you should also be a person that people like to be around. If you’re not, there’s a good chance you’ll be more interested in what’s in your customer’s pockets than in who they are as a person.

We can all make sales but we need to understand that it isn’t the only thing we have to worry about. Customers will decide if they trust us. They’ll make that decision based on what they know about us, what they see from us, and what they feel from us. This is why it’s so important to build relationships with our customers and prospects.

The author of Work-integrated learning, Margaret Bowden has been selling and marketing for thirty-five years. She has sold everything from vacuum cleaners to books, but her best product has always been herself. She says, “The best and most productive thing you can do to sell stuff is to love other people.” There are a lot of talks these days about how to market more effectively and how to sell better, but all the books and blog posts, and infographics in the world won’t help if you don’t genuinely care about the people you are trying to sell to.

Persistence is necessary but takes a break if you need to

As a salesman, I was determined to be successful. But when I walked into that first sales call, I was shocked at what I saw. The prospect wasn’t interested. He looked at his watch and then at me, and then said something like, “Sorry, I don’t have time for this. If you have something important to say, go ahead.” He was polite, but he was ready to close the door in my face. I couldn’t believe it. I knew my product line backward and forward – and had even been told that I could sell practically anything.

The author in this book also said that the energy we have to keep pushing forward – tenacity, and persistence – is essential to creating success in any area of our life. But taking a break from that persistence and relaxing for a bit is also, by itself, productive and should be appreciated.

How can you do that? First, you have to believe in yourself and be aware of your strengths. Second, you need to tackle the problems one at a time and constantly improve yourself. Third, you need to keep in mind that as good as you are today, you were just as bad yesterday. And lastly, never underestimate your skills.

Learn to control your feelings and emotions

The biggest two elements of success are emotional control and self-awareness. If you react based on your emotions and feelings, it’s going to be difficult for you to achieve anything but if you know how to take action, you will be succeeded.

While trying to control your emotions, your first need to know where they come from. Then you can learn to balance your thoughts and actions. Find compassion whenever you get angry, Find a joke whenever you feel depressed, and speak up for yourself if you feel conscious. If you think your emotions are controlling you, try to think positively because negative thinking can weaken you.

Once you learn to control your emotions then you just will not be able to sell better but you will live a happy, contented, and successful life.

What else you can learn from this book?

  • Sales strategies to make the sales easy.
  • How to control your emotions?
  • Realizing your dreams.
  • When do you have to sell yourself?

The Greatest Salesman in the world quotes

“Never feel shame for trying and failing for he who has never failed is he who has never tried.” Og Mandino

“My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action.” Og Mandino

The greatest salesman in the world review

This is a classic book that is widely available online and at numerous third-party outlets such as Amazon. I recommend reading it in its entirety, but if you only have time to read the first chapter, then read the first chapter. If you have time, then read to the end of that chapter.

There’s a lot of great information here and if you can apply it, then you should be able to make more money. However, I will warn you that this book can be difficult to read as it takes a very long time to get started and it’s hard to see how what the author says is relevant.

To whom I would recommend The greatest salesman in the world summary?

  • The salesman wants to get better in his department.
  • Anyone having a tough time competing and doesn’t like selling stuff.

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