The High 5 Habits Summary – A Self Vigilant Practice

Author: Mel Robbins

Short Summary
The High 5 Habits (2021) is a book by Mel Robbins, one of the best-selling authors who taught many people the 5-second rule to transform their lives, and now she’s back again with the most straightforward and workable high 5 habits. Mel Robbins teaches us to start giving high five to the most important person in our life, the person who stares back at us when we stand in front of the mirror. Yes, It’s YOU.
the high 5 habits

Detailed Summary

This book is not about giving high five to everyone in your life because you’re already doing that. You cheer for your favorite people, support your friends, and do everything for the people you love most.

Did you ever give yourself the same love and motivation or more than that? And made it your everyday habit? Because the truth is if you don’t love yourself first, how do you expect others to love the real you?

What do you feel after waking up in the morning besides feeling exhausted and nauseous? Do you feel like you are at the top of the world? You are a millionaire?

Yeah? Not likely! Because we all feel depleted at the thought of the day ahead. We just feel like going back to the bed beneath the covers to rest more.

But what if there is an easy and simple habit you can adopt that can improve not only your mornings but your whole life?

The High 5 Habits Key Points

Here are the following key points that we all need in our daily life.

Start your day with a High five in the Mirror

When you stand in front of the mirror each morning, brushing your teeth, what are the thoughts that come into your mind by staring at yourself? Do you take time to congratulate yourself on the person you’ve turned into? On the person who wakes up each morning to take care of everything? 

On the person who continues to push forward, even when things seem insurmountable, or the person who gives so much of themselves, even when they don’t have anything left?

If you haven’t yet. So, why not start now? Take time to thank yourself for all you do instead of beating yourself up for what you don’t. Mel’s method of giving high in the mirror every morning may sound silly, but it is written after a lot of research, and she shares an example of how it helps her. 

A high five is more than a slap of a hand. Every high five says, ‘I believe in you, ‘ meaning you believe in yourself.

When you stand in front of the mirror every morning, you have two options: spend the day thinking over your problems or motivate yourself towards a better life.

The scientific research behind the Power of High fives

What memories do high fives evoke in you? Celebrating a childhood success, such as getting a goal? Congratulating a friend on a promotion or finally getting rid of that toxic partner?

Mel Robbins shared her specific memory that In 2001, She was running the Marathon in New York City. She was exhausted, and after running for about 6 miles, the blisters on her feet cracked. Every step began to hurt her badly.

But she didn’t give up, not because she wasn’t determined to achieve her goal, but because of the encouragement that she was getting from strangers. Especially all the high-fives she received from passing people.

A small gesture can make a big difference.”

In an experiment, researchers provided some tasks to some school kids. And then motivated in different ways; some were praised by called talented, and some were praised because of their efforts.

But the third group of students was praised with high fives. Guess? Which group of students worked the best and felt more motivated than others? The group of kids who got the high fives.

“According to the research on a field called neurobics, high-fiving yourself can change your brain at a structural level.”

Negative thoughts may create a Negative attitude

We’ve all been there. You wake up and think, “Ugh, this will be a terrible day.” And as it turns out, you are right. You feel stressed and pressured, your work suffers, and nothing seems to go right. But why does this happen? It turns out you can make yourself feel better by changing the way you think about yourself.

People often make the mistake of focusing on their weaknesses instead of their strengths. This can lead to feeling powerless and insecure. And as a result, they are more likely to act in ways that reflect those negative feelings.

We all have days or weeks when it feels like everything goes wrong. Our cars get impounded, our interview gets pushed back, and our boss scolds us in front of the team. Those things hurt and make you hate yourself, but hating yourself is bad in many ways. Research suggests that it can make you mess up whether you’re a boss, a salesperson, or anyone.

Accept yourself as you are and be kind to yourself because it has the power to change your life. In other words, be the type of person who high-fives his selection in the mirror.

Why don’t you start High-fiving yourself every morning?

“The simple act of high-fiving can positively change your life. It’s a gesture to encourage and support yourself with scientific reinforcements. Motivate your mind to just focus on positive aspects of everything in your life, try to be like the person you want to be, and start thanking the people instead of apologizing to them.”

A high five in the morning is the cycle of some promises which are backed by research, feel good, and are easy. It starts with the alarm, and then there are some series of actions mentioned below to take:

  • Wake up with the alarm.
  • Tell yourself that I am okay, loved, and safe.
  • Prepare your bed.
  •  High-five your reflection in the mirror.
  • Have some exercise.

These promises to yourself will make you realize that you love yourself. You come first every day, every morning, and every second of your life.

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To whom would I recommend The High 5 Habits Summary?

  • Those who want to change make a change in their lives but need some preparation energy.
  • Those who are interested in self-improvement and development.