The Laws of Human Nature Summary – May 2022

Author: Robert Greene

Short Summary
The Laws of Human Nature (2018) is a guide that will take you deep into all the aspects of human nature. This is a book that will show you how humans have been designed to act in certain ways since the beginning of time and what are the root causes behind our behaviors. As you learn about human behaviors you can use that knowledge to your benefit. It will teach you to steer away from negative and manipulative people and to foster good ties with people with a positive mentality.
the laws of human nature summary
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Detailed Summary

In The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene discusses how our emotions are deeply rooted. How as humans sometimes things are out of control and we become resentful instead of telling ourselves that we are just humans. Over centuries human emotions have evolved from being something simple to taking complex shapes such as joy shame, gratitude, and jealousy. Even today we are highly susceptible to the emotions of others around us. We may feel we are acting out of our own free will but we are mostly reacting to the words and emotions of others.

To fit in society, we disguise ourselves so that we are well perceived and respected. We cover up all the negative impulses with excuses. Just us like, other people do it too. So, we need to see through their masks so that we are not deceived and manipulated. The author says that as advanced and technology-driven humans, we might claim that we have learned to let go of our primitive instincts to fight and react but the destructive side of human nature has only increased.  This book will shed light on several ways in which you can alter your negative patterns, become more empathetic, form good relationships and reach your true higher self.

The Laws of Human Nature Summary Key Points

Take Control of Your Emotions

Throughout our lives, we meet people that have the ability to stir up negativity and trouble in our lives. The power dynamic in our lives brings put different sides of ourselves. Relationships, where we are either boss or employee, teacher or student, parent or child, bring different emotions based on which end of the power dynamic of the relationship we are upper or lower. Now the situations these people put us in may appeal to our worst selves. Sometimes we end up lashing out and getting angry. When we protest later or feel bad the damage has already been done. You might regret getting angry later but sometimes it becomes a self-destructive pattern where you hurt yourself by lashing out at others. Instead of latching out to some sort of excuse for your behavior like “I was feeling down”, or “Something got inside my head” we need to make an active choice to dive deeper. To become a better person, we need to understand the roots of human behavior.

Do not Get Manipulated

When you try to understand why people last out, why they act in certain ways and why they are quick to provide excuses for their behavior. We anticipate what is about to happen beforehand. This will help us to stay out of any drama or manipulation. Remember that you control the power someone has over you. So next time someone says something means to you.  Take their words and drop the power they have over you. You are the one that puts meaning to their words. So do not let them overwhelm you.

We Are Not Always in Power

As humans, we are created in a way to believe that we are in power and control. In situations where we feel we are losing control, we tend to panic and become anxious. We do not like giving up control. But the reality is that we are mysterious and complex. Sometimes the way we react stems from something deeper inside us. These forces go deeper than our level of control and that is okay. It just means that we are human.

People are the Exact Opposite of What they Display

Most of us never appear as we are. As we go through our day, we fake being more confident, happier, and capable. This is because we want to show that we are composed and perfect in every way. This is why according to Greene; first impressions are usually wrong. People over display what they are lacking. For instance, Over-confident people are rarely confident. Deep down they are lacking the feeling of self-worth. So never trust first impressions. Try to observe everyone you meet actively and look out for what emotions they are trying to conceal. This will also hone your interpersonal skills.

The Laws of Human Nature Quotes

“We are all self-absorbed, locked in our own worlds. It is a therapeutic and liberating experience to be drawn outside ourselves and into the world of another.” –Robert Greene

“What I fear is not the enemy’s strategy but our own mistakes.” –Robert Greene

The Laws of Human Nature Summary Review

The Laws of Human Nature Summary will make you feel good about being a human. It is a book capable of making you kinder with yourself while pushing you to do better at the same time. It will work towards transforming you into becoming someone who is observant yet patient. You will learn to interpret people’s behaviors through clues and gestures through the laws of human behavior. Overall, the laws of Human Nature can serve as the key to increasing your emotional quotient. An informative read with lots of psychological insights.

To Whom I Would Recommend The Laws of Human Nature Summary

  • To the overthinker who analyses everyone’s actions and situations but cannot comprehend why people behave in a certain way.
  • The twenty-two-year-old psychology student wants to understand human behavior a little more deeply.
  • And to anyone who is trying to become more self-introspective.

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