The Longevity Paradox Summary – June 2022

Author: Steven Grundy

Short Summary
The Longevity Paradox (2019) is a book about diet, exercise, and the microbiome. The author, Steven Grundy, is a trained heart surgeon who wants to make sure that his patients live long enough to enjoy their retirement by staying healthy. He believes that by paying attention to diet and exercise, we can keep our microbiome healthy and age in a healthy way.
the longevity paradox
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Detailed Summary

In his new book, The Longevity Paradox, heart surgeon Steven Grundy suggests that it’s possible to die young as a senior by focusing on the microbiome and improving our lifestyle. To combat the ever-increasing cases of diet-related diseases, Dr. Grundy encourages the reader to adopt a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise, stressing that the microbiome plays a vital role in how we age.

The book begins with Dr. Grundy’s medical reasoning behind why he believes we should focus on the microbiome to achieve better health and extend our lifespan: “[the] attention given to diet and exercise may represent only a fraction of what is needed in terms of longevity”. Along with a healthier lifestyle, the book encourages readers to engage in different activities, like gardening or cooking. Both recommendations aim to increase the microbiome of the body and improve overall health.

However, Dr. Grundy also addresses the importance of decreasing stress levels and devoting time to loving one another. The book concludes with an afterword from Dr. Grundy’s wife, which reaffirms her husband’s message of living a happier life. She writes, “[you need to] pray about your marriage, commit to spending time together as a couple, make your relationship your priority”.

The Longevity Paradox Key Points

Animal protein and cardio can be harmful

When you think of the word “longevity,” it does not seem to be a good thing, does it? As of May 2017, a search for “longevity” on Google News returned a lot of articles related to how more people are seeking an end to their lives. This is certainly surprising since our society is always looking for ways to live longer. Dr. Greger explains that he believes more than ninety-five percent of premature deaths could be prevented through proper diet. It’s no surprise that a diet rich in plants, vitamins, and minerals can give you numerous health benefits. However, to reap the perks of a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, one must be mindful of some common mistakes that are often made.

Regarding animal protein, it’s good to know that you don‘t need to eat a lot of red meat for your body to be strong. When it comes to building muscles and staying healthy, your main source of animal protein should be fish. First of all, fish is healthier than red meat. Second of all, fish is more effective in building muscles. In a paper by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, it was proven that protein obtained through fish and seafood was more effective in building muscles than that obtained through meat or chicken.

Another thing is that a lot of people practice too much sport, and they don’t pay attention to the way their bodies feel. Some people practice physical activity to the extent that it’s detrimental to their health. Cardio is extremely important for us, but we should stay in balance with our activity and rest.

Deep sleep is a very refreshing period because it activates the secretion of growth hormones

The process of the human mind begins with the emergence of emotions and dreams. The first part of the process is related to the formation of sleep. They call it stages I and II. Stage III is called deep sleep. A person falls into a deep sleep almost immediately after the stage. During this phase, the human body relaxes to a great extent. The muscles become soft and relaxed. The person’s eyes also stop moving and only look at something if there is an external stimulus.

The first stage of sleep is light sleep. During this period, our brain waves are slightly slow, our body and face muscles relax, and we enter a state of deep relaxation. If we interrupt the process at this stage, we feel fatigued and our brain waves are much slower than when we are awake. The second stage of sleeping is deep sleep. Deep sleep is the period in which our brain waves alternate between Delta and Theta waves. This is a very refreshing period because it activates the secretion of growth hormone, which helps us build muscle.

At the end of deep sleep, the body moves in a relaxed way and we experience micro sleep. During this phase, body temperature falls and the arteries widen, breathing slows down and becomes irregular, and we experience dreaming. Our heart rate increases during the deep sleep macro sleep period, because it needs oxygen to the brain.

During this period, our vision is darker than usual. This phase refreshes us daily as it contains high quantities of growth hormone and endorphins that relax the nervous system. This phase is essential for stress relief, but also an important time for learning new skills. After about 90 minutes of deep sleep, we enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. We start dreaming in the REM (rapid eye movement) phase. In deep sleep, we don’t experience any dreams or eye movement.

Your brain and your guts are inter-connected

We all know that when we feel a certain way, our body reacts in kind to that feeling. For example, if we feel sad, we might start crying, or if we feel angry, our fists might clench. Scientists recently discovered that the human gut and brain are interconnected, which means that what we feel in our gut also gets transmitted to our brain. This lines up with the Japanese meridian system, which explains that our gut is the seat of our emotions, and the Chinese medicine theory, which explains that we receive energy from food through the gut.

When food enters the stomach, it sends signals that travel up the vagus nerve, reaching specific receptors in your brain. These signals are then synthesized for you to understand. In other words, your brain and your gut are one single unit—they are interconnected. Our body is a complex mechanism, and it is important to understand how every system within our body works and communicates with each other.

When your gut and your brain are out of sync, your health can suffer in all kinds of ways. If you’re struggling with chronic pain or gastrointestinal issues, it might be time to listen to your body when it sends you signals, as it’s probably your gut trying to connect with your brain. The discovery is still new, but scientists have already begun to explore the implications. And this is just the beginning. Because the brain and the gut are connected, what we eat can affect how we feel.

This idea isn’t new. Chinese medicine has long believed that food is a powerful way to treat illness and improve health. This relationship between food and mental health is becoming a topic of scientific study.

The Longevity Paradox Quotes

“In the early 1900s, researchers first posited the idea that longevity is inversely related to metabolic rate. They called it the “rate of living.” In other words, if you consistently burn energy at a high rate, you will quickly burn out.” -Steven R. Gundry

“Sure, you know that tea is good for you, but put-erh tea? Go to the head of the class if you guessed what it does: it promotes the growth of Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria!” -Steven R. Gundry

The Longevity Paradox Review

The Longevity Paradox is a very helpful book to become the healthiest version of yourself and adopt a lifestyle that will serve you till your old age. The author of this boy is a well-known surgeon and he wrote this book based on his experience. Highly recommended.

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  • Anyone who wants to have a healthy life.
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  • Whoever wants to have a better diet.

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