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Author: Hal Elrod

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The Miracle Equation (2019) shares the author’s life struggles and how he fought his battles and gave us a lesson that miracles do happen when we accept our challenges. Moreover, the book makes us realize that we can achieve our goals by consistently working hard for them.
the miracle equation

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The book “The Miracle Equation” is written by Hal Elrod, the author of many bestselling books. He has struggled a lot in his life. First, he lost his baby sister, suffered a life-threatening accident, and then was diagnosed with cancer. In every situation, he stayed strong and accepted his life challenges.

Through his life struggles, he taught the readers that miracles do happen when we accept everything. Especially by accepting that everything is not under our control. Moreover, the author has shared the secret to unlocking success and happiness. According to him, we are always two decisions away from everything we want in our lives.

“The real purpose of every goal you set is to become the type of person who can consistently set and achieve significant goals.”
― Hal Elrod

The Miracle Equation Summary Key Points

Are you struggling with your daily rituals? The Miracle Equation book reveals that the secret of achievements and joy lies when we accept life’s challenges. The following are the main key points of the books.

We create our own problems

According to the author, we create our own problems by thinking negatively. We create our emotional pain ourselves by overthinking every situation that is happening to us.

The author has shared tragic life circumstances of his life and teaches us that our emotional pain is rarely related to what is going on in our lives. Elrod’s baby sister died when he was eight years old. A decade later, he suffered a life-threatening accident that left him with brain damage and 11 shattered bones. This was after 6 minutes of being declared dead.

Doctors warned him he would never walk again. Despite this, he was able to recuperate in just a few months. Then he was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer with a 30% survival chance a few days later, but he recovered completely.

Through this, we can learn that miracles happen and create them ourselves in our lives.

Five-minute Rule

The author has shared a rule to become emotionally invincible. It’s the five-minute rule to accept and make peace with any situation.

This five-minute rule is simple and says that when something bad happens or you encounter any problem, just set a timer for five minutes, during which you do whatever you want. Cry, complain, punch something, scream, and curse the world. When the time is up, you say, “can’t change it,” out loud and move on.

It teaches that there is no point in stressing over something that is not controlled because we can’t change it. Moreover, the author says that good and bad times are part of our lives. Neither happiness nor sadness stays in anyone’s life forever. It’s a fleeting emotion. One minute it’s here, and the next minute, it’s gone. All we can do is accept this fact and make peace with it.

Being at peace doesn’t mean that we should be happy in our hard times as well because it’s obvious that we can’t. We are humans, and we feel things. All it means is to accept that whatever happened, happened for good, and we can’t change it.

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Unwavering faith and extra-ordinary effort

Another lesson that the book teaches us is that we can achieve our goals by being consistent. By that, it means never giving up, making extraordinary efforts to achieve it, and having unwavering faith.

Your success is unavoidable if you build and keep unwavering faith in your ability to achieve anything you choose and then put forth the remarkable effort until you do. You’ll get outcomes much beyond what you think is feasible if you use the same method as the world’s best performers.

You’ll discover how to replace fear with faith and let go of negative emotions, allowing you to tap into your full potential and redirect your energy toward great outcomes. Furthermore, you’ll construct a step-by-step strategy to actualize your miracles and become the person you need to succeed with the Miracle Equation 30-Day Challenge as your guide.

Moreover, the author says that we have a lot of dreams to accomplish, but if we wish to accomplish all of them together. We won’t be able to do it because it’s impossible. In order to achieve our goals, we should take baby steps and stay consistent.

Also, prioritize your goals. Choose one primary goal that’s most important to you at this moment, and commit to it 100%. This is what unwavering faith refers to. Make a promise to yourself that, no matter what’s going on externally or how you feel internally, you will stick to this one goal and make it happen. Be consistent and never give up.

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes you do to accomplish it. This will always be a far greater value than what you get. —JIM ROHN”
― Hal Elrod

Once you have an unshakable conviction that your goal is within reach, you need to put forth an extraordinary effort to make sure you achieve it.

Who would I recommend The Miracle Equation Summary to?

The book “The Miracle Equation” is recommended to anyone who thinks that life is very unfair to him and that never-ending problems surround them. The book will help them to understand that we create our emotional pain ourselves. Moreover, anyone who is struggling to achieve their dreams but somehow gets demotivated and disappointed because of their fear of failure needs to read this book. It will surely help them to achieve their dreams by being consistent.

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