The Motivation Manifesto Summary – February 2022

Author: Brendon Burchard

Short Summary
The Motivation Manifesto (2014) teaches us to live a meaningful life by discovering our goals and overcoming our fears. Moreover, the author advises the readers to focus on the present instead of thinking about the past.
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Detailed Summary

We all are born with a purpose. Some of us have discovered our purpose in life and they are working hard to achieve our dreams. Whereas some of us still don’t know our purpose in life.

Those who don’t know their purpose in life are living a meaningless life. They need to discover what their passion is. In this way, they can live a meaningful life. But even though we have a goal or not, we all question ourselves at some point in our lives why we wake up every day and what is our purpose in life. Everyone has an inner flame that ignites once they begin doing something that makes them happy and content.

 Being motivated is easy when you have a passion because it comes naturally to you. However, if you’re still looking for a reason to live, answering you’re “why” can be difficult. The Motivation Manifesto is here to assist you in your search for happiness.

The Motivation Manifesto Key Points

Overcome your fears

According to the author Brendon Burchard, we make a choice to be happy and we make a choice to be successful. So, in short, we have the power to control our lives. Whether they’re small, like what to eat and where to go, or large, like relocating to a new place or starting a new job. Although you may not feel like waking up and performing the work on certain days, persevering will pay off in the long term, as you will re-motivate yourself once you realize yourself not giving up

Many of us, though, allow fear to take over and make those judgments for us. We are concerned about what others will think of us, about failure, and a variety of other concerns. Moreover, the author advises the readers to never let fears hinder their growth. You need to overcome those fears which try to stop you from achieving your goals.

Be Ambitious

Ambition is the other energy that propels us forward. Setting and completing goals is impossible without it. To keep it alive, we must constantly assess our surroundings and ask ourselves, “Is this really what I want?” or “How does this assist me in my quest for liberty?”

Ambition encourages us to let our brains roam and develop new, interesting scenarios and goals. Then there’s an incentive. This one, on the other hand, is difficult to keep up with. To accomplish so, you must establish a regimen and stick to it. Even if you don’t feel like waking up and performing the work some days, persevering will pay off in the end.

Focus on your present

The other lesson that the book The Motivation Manifesto teaches is that if we want to live a meaningful life, we need to forget our past and focus on our present. Whatever occurred is a relic of the past that cannot be changed. What you can change, though, is how you react to it right now. As a result, let go of your old anchors and embrace a more curious, cheerful outlook on life.

According to the author, there are some things in life that we should either unlearn or never let go of in the first place. That is to say, you should reconnect with your inner child and recall what it is like to live in the present moment. Our job as children was to explore the world while laughing. As we grow older, the work does not alter; it simply becomes more difficult to complete, and as a result, we lose our capacity to focus on what is most essential — living our lives. Some people cling to the past. Perhaps they had a few memorable years that they like to reminisce about and relive in their minds. Others spend their days daydreaming about their perfect future and making plans to get it.

Be positive

Additionally, do not allow negative ideas to ruin your days. For example, if you want to take on a new project or try something new, don’t let your fear of failure or overly realistic thinking get in the way. Keep your curiosity and motivation alive, just like a youngster, and trust your instincts. It will almost always lead you to your goal and source of energy.

Have a positive outlook on life and always spread positivity. In this way, you will be able to think positively and eventually good will happen to you.

Never settle for less

The author also advises the readers to live extraordinary life and never settle for less. You can get everything when you work hard for it. The trick is to concentrate on your areas of interest. If you’re still having trouble figuring out what your deepest desires are, seek advice from your friends or family. What do they think of you when they think of something you’re good at? Discovering your talents in relation to your passion is crucial since it will determine the direction, you should take in life.

Who would I recommend The Go-Giver Summary to?

The book The Motivation Manifesto is recommended to all students and young graduates who are struggling to find the perfect path in their lives. The book will help them to find their purpose in life.

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