The Power of Focus Summary – April 2022

Author: Jack Canfield

Short Summary
The Power of Focus (2000) is written by one of the top personal finance experts of our time, Jack Canfield. He reveals how to use the power of focus to achieve your financial and personal goals. This book breaks down a simple, but comprehensive strategy. These strategies will allow its readers to easily and effectively put an end to their financial troubles once and for all by making decisions that they can live with and by holding themselves accountable to their future selves.
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Detailed Summary

We all have goals that we set for ourselves: lose weight, stop procrastinating, work harder, read more books, etc. Often, to achieve these goals, we have to make changes in our lives and adjust our behavior in non-trivial ways. But it turns out that the biggest obstacle to achieving these goals is not the general inertia and laziness, but ourselves. The solution to this problem can be found in the power of focus summary where we focus on the things that matter and let go of those that don’t.

When we are not focused, we are distracted by the negative and optimistic about our chances. This can lead to giving up a lot of things, such as our personal goals. Focusing on what you want is difficult; but once you have your mind in the right place, things become much easier.

“Focus is a mental state of intense concentration of one’s consciousness on a single object. It enables a person to disregard outside distractions and concentrate on a given task. Without it, productivity is impossible.”

For example, using social media to stay focused – Social media platforms help us get connected with our loved ones and friends, share our content with others, receive notifications when something great happened in the world, and much more, but they just don’t help us stay focused on what’s important, which is personal productivity! Things tend to get worse when these media platforms are operating on our smartphones, which are available all the time, everywhere.

There are ways to take control of things and turn those notifications off so you can focus on what matters. Let’s take a look at how you can do that and stay productive at the same time.

The Power of Focus Key Points

Change your everyday habits to be productive

Productivity is a very important concept many of us struggle with. That is why I’ve been looking for a way to improve my productivity and make it easier. I’ve tried gamification as well as other techniques, but none of them worked for me.

Productivity starts with changing our daily habits. We usually think that if we want to complete a task, we need to spend more time on it. This is true. Any task can be completed faster if you break it into smaller pieces and take them one at a time. This is why productivity apps are popular: they make us more efficient by managing our tasks in small blocks of time.

Find Your Productive Habit – Identify what you don’t want to do and what unproductive habits you would like to change. For example, if you’re late to work, then don’t go over your lunch hour. Next, think about what you want to do, such as arriving to work early or being more productive during the day.

Create an action: This could be anything from making coffee before you start work to reading a book for 15 minutes a day.

“A watched pot never boils” is an idiom that has been used to describe procrastination and distraction. You should take advantage of this wasted time by doing a productive task.

This will help you identify small changes that will make a big difference to your productivity. You can identify the habits that are holding you back, the small changes to make, and how achievable your goals are.

The problem solver method can help you in overcoming the challenges

When you are lost or in a difficult spot, what do you do to get out of it? Do you complain and make excuses, or do you take action and find a way to deal with it?

One way to deal with things is not to run away from them. You encounter problems every day and they can be big or small. Either way, you have the choice to tackle them or run away from them.

We all encounter problems and challenges, even when we try to avoid them. No matter how hard we try to stay away from them, they will always find us. Learning to face problems and deal with them has a great impact on our personal development and success. If you have a problem, you can apply the method of “problem-solving” to overcome it.

“The word ‘Problem’ originates from the Latin term ‘problem which means ‘doubt or difficulty.’ Our life is full of problems, so it is best if we learn to manage them properly.”

Every problem leaves a mark on us in one way or another. Some people choose to cover those scars with their sleeves, but others choose to learn from the situation and move on, leaving the best possible outcome. The choice is yours.

Procrastination is the worst enemy of productivity:

Procrastination is not a new concept. It is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives, especially when it comes to tackling one of the most dreaded tasks: reading. What is reading? For some, reading is like watching paint dry. You can do it, but it’s not a very entertaining activity. Many people argue and probably think that their eyes are not accustomed to reading any further than their phone screen. Unfortunately, they are right.

Procrastination is one of the worst enemies of our productivity. Regardless of how productive we are, procrastination hinders the decision-making process by stealing our time and focus.

So, Always take a break. Sometimes we get so involved in something that we forget to stop and rest. However, taking a short break after doing something is always a good idea. Resting will help you stay focused and give you a fresh mind for whatever you have to do next.

This is why it is very important to have a proper work schedule. You might be one of those lucky people who can focus on their jobs for hours a day, but even for them, there’s a limit to it. When you find yourself stuck in one place, take a break and relax your brain. Your body and mind will thank you later.

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The Power of Focus review

The power of focus is a great book for anyone who wants to break the unproductive period and become productive by changing their habits. After this book, you will be able to know how small actions can do something bigger for us. A must-book for everyone.

To whom I would recommend The Power of Focus Summary?

  • Anyone wants to change their lives to achieve their objective.
  • Anyone trying to break his procrastination in daily life.
  • Anyone who wants to get rid of unproductivity.

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