The Psychology of Winning Summary – Ways to get Successful

Author: Denis Waitley

Short Summary
The Psychology of Winning (1984) describes the qualities of the winners and motivates the readers to adopt them in order to triumph in every walk of life. The author Denis Waitley teaches us to have a positive attitude toward life.
the psychology of winning

“Get out of that comfortable rut.”
― Denis Waitley

Detailed Summary of the book The Psychology of Winning

Denis Waitley, an American motivational speaker, and writer, write the book. In his book, he has motivated the people who get disappointed by their failures through the qualities of winners. He has described 10 qualities of winners and teaches the readers that they should adopt them to achieve their life goals.

According to the author, positivity is the first step toward becoming a winner. It all starts with the way you think and the way you react to situations. If you have a negative attitude, you will not succeed in life.

“You are either the captain or the captive of your thoughts.”
― Denis Waitley

You won’t succeed if you don’t teach yourself to look around. You continue to see where you are and where you want to go tomorrow. Moreover, it’s important to get inspiration from the winners. Secondly, defining your goals is also necessary. This is because goals motivate us to do something. They force us to take risks and take action.   

The book also highlights the importance of self-projection in order to become a winner. He says that it all begins with a positive self-projection. Having a clear and definite picture of what you wish to attain is known as self-projection.

It’s about understanding what you want to achieve in the end, but it’s also about knowing how to get there. He gave examples of some famous people like Neil Armstrong, who would not have been an astronaut, according to Waitley, if he hadn’t thought about it all the time. And O. J. Simpson would not have been a football star if he had succumbed to a disabling ailment when he was a child.

The Psychology of Winning Summary Key Points

What is your point of view related to winners? For me, winners are those who have a positive mind of set and live a meaningful life. They do not think much about what happened in their past. Moreover, they do not argue over things.

A winner benefits others, and people feel free and comfortable around him.

Are you want to develop this habit? It is an easy yet effective practice that changes your perspective and lifestyle. These habits help you to achieve success in every walk of your life. Once they develop, you will get full of a victorious life.

Read the following key points to learn more about how to become a winner.

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Have a Positive mindset

One of the qualities of winners is to be positive in every situation. When we call someone a winner, it doesn’t mean that he/she never lost or always succeeded. No.

Winners do lose, but they don’t get disappointed. They believe in themselves, and their positive attitude makes them a winner.

According to the author Waitley, winning is more of a way of life than a specific deed. Being a winner is all about having winning habits and a good mindset that benefits both you and those around you. You can easily think of a few habits you’d connect with losers and eliminate those bad habits and replace them with winning ones. This will improve your own life significantly, and you will also motivate others to achieve success.

Take charge of your Life

Another great lesson that the author teaches us in his book is to be the writer of his own book. It’s your life, and you should control it. Instead of giving control to the situations or circumstances. It’s not the quality of winners. Winners never do that. They make things happen.

When you let others control your life, you blame them for your failures. It’s because they implement it, and so you lost. It makes you frustrated that you didn’t even try for it, and you let someone else do it. People who “wait and see” are more likely to let things happen than those who “make things happen.”

The author says that stop allowing yourself to be a bystander in your own life. Organize events instead of just attending them. Create your own show instead of watching TV. Rather than gazing function at photos on Instagram, you should upload them.

Take control of your life; you’ll feel in command, like a true winner. You are the writer of your book of life, so hold the pen in your hands and write it down. Don’t

Winners create other Winners

Have you ever wondered why a winner will always have a family full of winners? Let me tell you. This is because we get inspired by people around us, and especially in the family, we adopt each other’s habits and qualities.

You respect and adore your family, and you always look out for the people with whom you do business to ensure that they profit from your relationship. Winners are very aware of both themselves and their surroundings. They’re aware of how they operate and how quickly time passes.

Therefore, they’re usually quite present at the moment. Just to know here that winners aim for shared success rather than dominance. They would rather collaborate with others to achieve mutual achievement than quarrel over little things to guarantee they get the most out of any scenario.

Rather than concentrating on past mistakes, they learn from them and move on, allowing them to focus on the present. They are unconcerned about the future or their mortality since they recognize that life is brief and that they must still follow their own path.

Who would I recommend The Psychology of Winning book Summary to?

The book The Psychology of Winning is recommended to those who consider themselves losers just because somebody called them losers once and to whom people’s opinions matter so much. Moreover, anyone who just sees negativity everywhere never lets positivity come into his life.