The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Summary – February 2022

Author: John Mark Comer

Short Summary
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (2019) is a book in which Pastor John Mark Comer tells how he destroyed his mental health, and relationships and weakened his faith by being too busy. How he gained happiness and health by being within limits and reducing his commitments in every area of his life. He shared four simple strategies that will help you to live a stress-free, delightful and hurry-free life.
the ruthless elimination of hurry
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Detailed Summary

“Our time is our life, and our attention is the doorway to our hearts.” -Quote from The ruthless elimination of hurry

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race. We all go through our day wishing we had more time. Even Bill gates don’t have enough time to conjure up more hours in the day for his wealth and fame. Then, why do we spend so much time using our smartphones breathlessly without even thinking about that what we are doing?

The author Pastor John Mark Comer was also a victim of the same situation and he named the situation Hurry disease. Externally, his life was so delightful and restful because he was a successful busy man but internally he was depressed and anxious. He knew that if he drove on the path he was already on, he would become more successful but unhappy.

He found his way, he was looking for a long time, in the Bible to change his life fundamentally. By following those ways, he learned how to enjoy the world, slow down and live a meaningful life.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Key Points

Hurry is a devil to our emotional health and spiritual life

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of doing something important and your phone rings, or someone comes in the room, and suddenly you’re thrown off balance. You can’t focus anymore, and you feel like you’re racing against the clock. This is the effect of a hurry – it’s a threat to our emotional well-being and spiritual life.

Hurry is not of the devil; hurry is the devil. It might seem a bit exaggerated to characterize hurry as being evil but just look at the effect. When we’re in a hurry, we’re more likely to lose our temper, feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and make careless mistakes. We’re also less able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

So if you want to live a happier, more fulfilling life, it’s time to break free from the grip of Hurry. Slow down, take your time, and enjoy the moment. It’s the only way to truly experience life to the fullest.

Technologies have altered our relationships

It’s no secret that new technologies have fundamentally altered our relationship to time and made us busier than ever before. We now have to contend with constant distractions and always-on work culture.

While this may be good for productivity in the short term, it can be bad for our long-term satisfaction and performance. To combat this, we need to take a step back and find ways to manage our time more effectively.

Instead, to follow the rhythms of the sun and moon, people are following the dictum of new technologies

Smartphones are also the sinkholes in today’s era. iPhone users touch their phones 2617 times a day according to the study and research.

So, what should we do then? because we can’t go back to the era where there is no technology, no smartphones, or digital clocks. We just have to manage our time and reject technology sometimes because speed doesn’t always mean convenience.

Doing everything unrealistic will make you exhausted

We are all trying to do too much.

When we try to be everything to everyone, we end up achieving nothing. We are spread too thin and we’re exhausted. We can’t keep this up.

There are so many competing priorities and so many things demanding our attention. It’s no wonder we’re struggling. We need to simplify our lives and focus on what’s important. Let’s take a step back, assess what we’re trying to do, and figure out how we can do it better. Let’s focus on what we’re good at and let go of the rest. Let’s simplify so we can succeed.

This is because of the fear of missing out called ‘FOMO’. That’s why we always try to do everything, listen to every song, watch every movie, travel everywhere but we forget that we are not superheroes with an infinity of powers.

So, to change ourselves and around we don’t need to have more time, we only need to focus on limited things that are the most important needs of our lives. And then we will be able to do make our lives happier and satisfied. For example, We all have different personalities. One may love to socialize with people and the other is introverted. One may be best at handling stress but the other gets burned under the stress.

“Life is a series of choices. Every yes is a thousand nos” -Quote from The ruthless elimination

Emulate Jesus’s lifestyle to have meaningful and hurried spiritual life

The most important thing we can do to have meaningful, unhurried spiritual lives is to emulate Jesus’s lifestyle. Jesus was always moving, but he never rushed. He was always ministering to people, but he never became so busy that he couldn’t take time to rest. We can learn from him how to balance our work and spiritual lives in a way that pleases God.

There is a reason Jesus spent so much time away from the crowds. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about them. It was because he knew he needed time alone to connect with his Father. In the same way, we need to take time for ourselves.

When we try to do too much, we often end up doing nothing well. But when we take our time and focus on the most important things, we can accomplish great things for the Lord. Jesus was able to accomplish so much because he took time for himself. He didn’t let the demands of others keep him from spending time with God. We can learn from his example and make time for ourselves. This is especially important if we want to be productive in our work lives. When we’re refreshed and centered, we’re able to give our best selves to those around us. Let’s follow Jesus’s example and strive for a healthy balance between our work and spiritual lives.

To whom I would recommend The ruthless elimination of hurry?

  • Those who feel too busy and don’t have time for themselves.
  • Christians want to know more about insights into the Bible.
  • Those who want to know how technology changed our lives.