The Third Door Book Summary – March 2022

Author: Alex Banayan

Short Summary
The Third Door (2018) guides us about the third door to success. The author has shared his story of how he discovered the new path of success by interviewing successful entrepreneurs at such a young age.
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Detailed Summary

The book is written by an 18 years old named Alex Banayan. He has guided us on a new path of success that most of us probably don’t know. According to him, success is like a nightclub that has three doors to get inside. The main entrance which everybody knows is the first door. It’s the one where we wait and hope to get in. Then the second door is the VIP entrance where the people get inside without making any effort.

Then there is a third door which most people don’t know and it’s the entrance where you have to sneak through the cracked window or jump out of line. It’s the door where you have to take a different path and try hard to get inside and this is the door that the author tells the readers to follow to achieve their dreams in life but never give up.

Moreover, the author has shared his story of how he met successful people in his life in order to be successful. The main purpose of meeting the successful entrepreneurs was to know their struggles and get inspiration from them. He tried hard to meet them, cold-emailed them in the beginning, missed his classes, and took the risks but it was all worth it.

The Third Door Book Key Points

Be determined and never give up

Just like success requires hard work, persistence and determination are also important in order to achieve your dreams. Most of us give up in the middle and think that we will never be able to get our dreams but that’s not true. Your determination pays off.

The author says that all of the interviews had one thing in common they were tenacious. To get to the third door, we’ll have to be determined. However, it is critical to be persistent in the appropriate way.

Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, is a major fan of Banayan, and he became obsessed with interviewing him early on. Ferriss promised him they’d remain in touch for an interview after catching him at a convention. After a period of no interaction, Banayan wrote email after email without receiving a response. Nonetheless, he kept them upbeat and cheerful.

Ferriss finally consented to talk. When they did, he taught Banayan a valuable lesson: to be persistent in the proper manner. Ferriss explained how determination helped him get his foot in the door with a startup. They had rejected him for a job 12 times. Finally, he called and said he was passing through and would like to stop by. He wasn’t, though. Ferriss flew across the country to make the “casual” drop-by happen once the CEO agreed. He got the job as a result of this. Ferriss emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between perseverance and rudeness, as well as never being arrogant. Make certain you don’t give up, but don’t bother others.

Get out of your comfort zone

Another lesson that the book teaches us is that you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve bigger things in life.

Just like most of us don’t like answering calls or getting awkward on calls. But sometimes we don’t have an idea but our success is just one call away. And this is what the author has taught in his book how he transformed from a young, anxious 18-year-old to a 25-year-old with enough ambition and confidence to secure a major book deal.

Banayan is vulnerable throughout the book, from telling his parents that he is quitting his pre-med degree to accepting the difficulty of his aim. He didn’t always know how to talk to the individuals he admired without becoming jittery and freezing up.

Banayan only met the man who had inspired him in the first place after landing his book deal: Bill Gates. He was once a 19-year-old kid afraid to make a phone call before founding Microsoft and becoming one of the world’s wealthiest men.

When MITS created the world’s first mini-computer in the 1980s, Gates and his business partner offered to sell software to run it. They were both too afraid to follow up after receiving no response. Gates eventually overcame his crippling dread and made the decision. He might not be the millionaire he is today if he hadn’t overcome his self-doubt.

It’s upto us to discover our way to success

The author says that it’s up to us to discover our own way to that third door and push our way in, so we may define what it means to us to realize our dreams.

To stay competitive, Walmart attempted to mimic Amazon’s technology and strategy in 2000. It was a complete failure. They decided to try something new one day. “You can’t out-Amazon Amazon,” a corporate leader wrote on a poster. Their market share rose when they changed their mindset and strategy.

We can’t merely replicate what others are doing; we’ll only be successful in business if we figure out how to be ourselves.

When Banayan met Steve Wozniak, he learned that success meant something different to him than it did to his former business partner, Steve Jobs. They co-founded Apple, although Wozniak was content to continue working as a programmer. Jobs declined to issue stock options to those employees who had been with the company since the beginning when it went public in 1980. Some of Wozniak’s shares were handed to those employees, who went on to become millionaires.

Who would I recommend The Third Door Book to?

The Third Door book is recommended to teenagers who want to achieve so many dreams in life but think they are too young to start working on it. Moreover, anyone who hesitates to take risks in his life or approaches successful people to be successful.

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