The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober Summary – July 2022

Author: Catherine Gray

Short Summary
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober (2017) encourages its readers to live healthier lives and find joy without getting drunk. The book lays out all the advantages of being sober.
the unexpected joy of being sober
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Detailed Summary

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober advocates that sober life is not just healthy for you it is actually joyful and fun too. Sobriety is always linked with dullness and seriousness but in this narrative, by Catherine Gray, you will find ways to live your life to the maximum while avoiding gin and booze. People drink to form up their image as a fun, social people who put fun before their problems but you can create the same image without alcohol.

Quitting drinking might be hard because the withdrawals can take a toll on you mentally and physically but you will need to push through and remind yourself why you are doing this. For better health, a better future, to become confident in yourself, and to form better connections. Once you start your journey, your booze-less life will become as colorful as your drunk nights.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober Key Points

Why Do People Actually Drink

Apart from the simple answers; that people drink for fun or for accentuating pleasure, people drink for several reasons to increase sociability, to increase power, to escape problems, to get drunk, for enjoyment, or as a response to stress. Some people also drink due to their deep-rooted psychological problems. It makes them feel ‘free’ and ‘spirited’. But in the Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, Catherine Gray will take you on a journey of soberness in which you will feel more free and spirited than drinking has ever made you feel.

Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs in the world and it is listed as a class one carcinogen. If you are constantly drinking, know that you are exposing yourself to the chances of getting high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, several digestive problems, cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon, and rectum. British scientists have even ranked it more dangerous than a crack at heroin.

 But you would argue that you only drink on a night out. In moderation. Only once a week. Right? This ‘moderate consumption’ is even considered dangerous. Only 1.5 units of alcohol a day can put you on the verge of all the risks we have listed above. Alcohol contains several toxins and that is why you should let go of the excuses and try to sober up as soon as you can.

A Better Health, and what more?

Cutting alcohol from your life will help you in other ways too than just improving your lifestyle. No feeling like your head is banging against a wall post-drinking is the first advantage. You will not have stinky breath, bloody eyes, or bloating and puffiness. Say bye to lost wallets, stumbling in the streets, and taking the next day off just because you feel shitty. You know you only make it worse by staying in PJs and eating the worst junk your nearest departmental store has to offer.

Yes, you drank your pain away. But how long did it last? A few hours? But you are bound to spend the next day or two recovering from the hangover. Do not reach for the red wine now, because you have another theory of proving all that I have said wrong. Yes, Red wine is fat burning but it is still harmful. You can take the same anti-oxidant called resveratrol from grapes, blueberries, dark chocolate, and peanut butter.

Going Sober Looks different for Everyone

As you will try to sober up the first ten days might be the hardest because you will face withdrawal symptoms. You would want to drink more than normal, feel nauseous, bloated, have a headache, or feel heavy in general. Remember that the journey to sobering up is not easy and looks different for everyone.

Remind yourself why you want to do it often so that you do not slip. You are doing this to have a better social life that relies on your own confidence and abilities. You are doing this to have productive Sundays and become healthier. For this, you will have to relearn your confidence. You can no longer replace the awkwardness between you and your date by drinking up, drinking your feelings after a hard day at work, or when you mess up.

You will need to build up your personal skills step by step. Let your friends know before a party that you will not be thinking. Make them your support group. Empty those shelves and let go of everything that reminds you to drink.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober Quotes

One of my sober friends once said, ‘Feelings are like children. You don’t want them driving the car, but you shouldn’t stuff them in the boot either.’ Let them chit-chatter away in the back, and get on with your life. Amazing, right? –Catherine Gray

“Crushing hangovers turn even the simplest tasks – taking a cheque to the bank or buying food for dinner – into arduous nightmares.” –Catherine Gray

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober Review

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober encourages drinkers to go sober. It points out the advantages of being sober and the disadvantage of drinking from different aspects of our lives like social, personal, and health. Catherine Gray has the wittiness and facts to keep the readers engaged.

To Whom I Would Recommend The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

  • To the teen who is tired of dealing with the aftermath of drinking with friends every other weekend.
  • To the thirty-two-year-old who drinks her sorrows away instead of facing life.
  • And to anyone who has an alcohol addict in life and wants to help them.

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