This Is Marketing Summary – August 2022

Author: Seth Godin

Short Summary
This Is Marketing (2018) is a book by Seth Godin in which he argues that the landscape of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, but our thinking about it has not kept pace. Our mental model of marketing still places advertising at the center of the universe, when in reality it is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.
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Detailed Summary

Marketing is dead. Most of what we’ve come to know as marketing no longer works. We’ll call it “spam” for short. Spam will never die because it’s fueled by a human psychologic that has existed since the dawn of time – self-interest. You see, in the old days, marketing worked fine.

But those days are gone now. Marketing used to be about “talking” – the more we talked about our product or service, the more people would buy it. We were trained to believe that if we sent enough commercials to enough people, our phone calls would be answered, orders would be placed and sales would be made. And occasionally, it worked! But now, with so much information coming at people, they have become desensitized and commercial avoidance has become second nature.

However, the modern consumer is savvier than ever before, and they can see right through most traditional advertising techniques. To reach today’s consumers, companies need to get creative with their marketing strategies. There are several ways to market to consumers without resorting to traditional advertising techniques. Companies can create informative blog posts, how-to videos, or even podcasts that provide value to the consumer and help establish the company as an authority in their industry.

This Is Marketing Key Points

Think smaller, if you’re starting a business, target a specific group of people

When it comes to target marketing, we live in a very broad world. As a business owner, you want to find the most effective way and cost-efficient way to market your product or service. We live in a digital world where direct marketing has become a must. You need to find your exact audience and narrow down the people who want the product or service you are offering.

There are thousands upon thousands of companies who are trying to send their content out to as many eyes as possible. There is this assumption that if they shout their message loudly enough, everyone will notice them. But in actuality, trying to grab the attention of every person in your niche is not only impossible but also very wasteful of time and money.

Don’t just think about the world population and how to get your business in front of as many as possible. Think smaller, if you’re starting a business, target a specific group of people. Lately, a lot of brands are creating very specific groups of people who are the future of their marketing. It’s not like they just want to get as many eyes on their company as possible and then hope that enough of those people will become customers. They’re seeking out very specific groups of people for their product, putting a lot of effort into reaching those people, and developing devoted fanbases that way.

Coca-Cola and Gatorade have been doing this for years now, investing a lot of money in sports sponsorships and advertising that directly reaches the audience they want to be associated with. But now, even car companies are getting in on the action. Audi and Mercedes-Benz have also started sponsoring athletes so that they can have a more direct presence in their future customers’ lives.

If you want to become an influencer and marketer, you will need to know the “language” of your audience. Just like learning a new language

Once you have found your niche of people. There are only three steps to finding your niche:

List your values – Take an inventory of what matters to you most. This is for you alone and helps define who you are and what you stand for. What do you care about? Write these traits down, like honesty, integrity, or mindfulness. This can be any trait or quality that makes you, you.

List your skills – List any skills that you have had over a lifetime of learning, not just work-related skills. Personal skills such as patience, spontaneity, or tenacity.

List your desires – Think about any passions or desires in your life that wouldn’t fully be satisfied by fulfilling just one of your values.

At this stage of your business, you must understand exactly who will be buying from you. You’re no longer trying to be everything to everyone; you’re curating an offering for a specific person or group of people. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every potential customer is the same and that you’ll attract them all by saying the same thing to everyone. But it’s not that simple.

Many approaches have proven successful in connecting with an audience. Social media influencers are a great example of this. They use language and ways of expression that their audiences find delightful. Content marketing is another good example. The language of your audience should be the very first thing that you master when you begin marketing in any form.

As your company grows, you need to reach a wider audience

Your initial customer base is your first fan base. They’re the people who loved your product enough to buy it. Now that you have a bigger customer base, you want to tell everyone about your company. You want to get new customers, but you also want to reach more people than just your tribe. You need to get the attention of a larger percentage of the general public. Growing a customer base is about connecting with people that aren’t yet in your network. If you think of your customer base as a network, it’s easiest to think of each person in your customer base as a node and connect each node to other nodes through their relationships 

You’ve worked hard to grow your initial fan base and it can be tempting to focus all of your attention on that. But as your company grows, you need to reach a wider audience. This can be difficult because your initial fans might not always be interested in the products you are trying to sell or interested in connecting with people outside of their tribe.

Like most things, being intentional is key to building a bigger following. The key is finding your best audience first and then expanding from there. Some of my favorite brands are doing just that. Take Annie’s Homegrown for example. They have an audience of foodies. They have created their content around that audience and they have leveraged their following by creating content that connects with a wider range of people. Creating delicious recipes around seasonal fruits and vegetables not only reaches the foodies but also helps educate customers about the benefits of health. And it doesn’t stop there. As the company grows and reaches new audiences, they continue to connect with new customers by creating an easy-to-understand understanding that informs and inspires customers to try its products.

This Is Marketing Quotes

“Persistent, consistent, and frequent stories, delivered to an aligned audience, will earn attention, trust, and action.” –Seth Godin

“Marketing is our quest to make a change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us.” –Seth Godin

This Is Marketing Review

I enjoyed reading This Is Marketing by Seth Godin. The book is full of interesting ideas and insights on marketing, many of which are similar to the concepts in Start with Why by Simon Sinek. However, Godin has his unique spin on marketing that makes the book well worth reading. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in marketing or business in general.

To whom I would recommend This Is Marketing Summary?

  • Anyone who works at a marketing company.
  • Anyone who is considering starting his business.
  • Anyone who still thinks of the old way of marketing.

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