Thou Shall Prosper Summary – February 2022

Author: Rabbi Daniel Labin

Short Summary
Thou Shall Prosper (2012) is a self-help book by Rabbi Daniel Labin. In this book, the author has tried to reveal the secret of prosperity and success through Jewish tradition and culture. The author has given the example of many successful Jews in the book to motivate the readers.
thou shall prosper
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Detailed Summary

The book is written by Daniel Lapin who is a South African-born American orthodox rabbi. He is a well-known author and public speaker.

In his book Thou Shall Prosper, he has revealed the secret of becoming wealthy and successful. The book can be helpful for anyone who wants to grow their business and family as well. It takes money teachings of Jewish religion and tradition. To help you live a successful and meaningful life, this book takes Jewish tradition for constructing a life of riches, prosperity, and integrity. It combines it with examples from the modern business world.

Thou Shall Prosper Key Points

Take business as a means to take care of yourself

This is one of the secrets of Jews of being successful. They take business as a means to take care of themselves. This is because when you take care of yourself, only then you will be able to take better care of your business or anything else.

All the successful Jewish entrepreneurs who impact the world are enormous. This includes Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Gary Vaynerchuk. The Jewish viewpoint on money and business is ideal for success in a meritocratic system. Jews believe in ethical capitalism, which means that they believe that hard labor should be rewarded, but only if it is done with honesty, integrity, and a strong moral code.

They see business as a way to take care of yourself first, so you can give to others in the greatest possible way. Instead of viewing selling as a negative activity, Jewish tradition views it as a source of creativity, as well as a means of assisting others in growing and becoming self-sufficient.

Moreover, they maintain objectivity by treating business as a simple thing, a tool that is useless without the humans who utilize it. Instead of denouncing business as a whole, they may hold individuals who exploit it accountable.

Be open to changes

The author takes inspiration from Jews that strive to embrace and remain entrenched in basic beliefs while remaining adaptable to change. Change should, in theory, occur gradually. This is why religious celebrations commemorating major life events, such as marriage or death, typically take many days. This is not just a terrific attitude toward life, but it is also a significant benefit in business: a strong firm always has a great, consistent culture, but it isn’t scared to change direction quickly and frequently if necessary to succeed.

Consider the case of Disney. They’ve always focused on family and children’s entertainment, but they’ve experimented with and expanded into a variety of different areas and age groups over the years. Great people and businesses are those who can change without changing where it counts.

Facts about retirement

The author says that nowadays, we use the word “scam” a lot and consider everything as a scam. Few of the things we “call out” in this manner on a regular basis are truly deserving of such accusations. However, there is one concept that rarely needs to explain itself when it is time to reconsider it: retirement.

The American dream, this end-all, be-all objective that most people strive for their entire lives, may not be the silver bullet that most people perceive it to be. In fact, according to Daniel Lapin, it’s built on three lies that have already permeated our culture:

Work is nothing more than a means to an end. When you only labor till you don’t have any more jobs to do, life becomes tedious and monotonous. Work, on the other hand, has so much meaning for you and humanity. It has the power to transform us and the world around us. As long as you do it correctly.

You become feeble and unproductive as you get older. Sure, your physical appearance will deteriorate as you age, but your experiences, network, and skills will only improve! People were designed to consume rather than create. We don’t need to create much today because everything is provided for us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

Lastly, the book has a strong lesson for the readers that our existence has a purpose because of creation. Never start counting down the days, and never stop adding value to others through your employment. Live life to the fullest till the very last moment.

Who would I recommend Thou Shall Prosper book to?

The book Thou Shall Prosper is recommended to all those who are interested in business and are passionate about making money. The book will guide them through the Jewish tradition and culture.