Thrivers Summary – January 2022

Author: Mischelle Borba

Short Summary
Thrivers (2021) criticizes the educational systems that measure students’ capabilities by grades and scores. The author has blamed educational systems for depression, anxiety, and misery in today’s era.
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Detailed Summary

The book Thrivers is written by Michele Borba who has discussed the toxic educational systems and the competitive environment of the educational institutes. How the educational system has made grades and scores the parameter of success.

Moreover, the writer has discussed the core reason for stress, anxiety, and depression in today’s generation.

Thrivers Key Points

Grades are not the parameter of future success

Schools measure the capabilities of a student by their grades and scores. If a student scores well in exams, they are considered as an intelligent and bright student.  And hence their future is bright. Children grow up with this mindset that they are forced to focus on their grades only for their better future.

In this way, they don’t have any time for extra-curricular activities like sport, arts or going out with their friends. Not only this, but many parents also pressurize their kids to only focus on their grades. Children grow up in a highly competitive environment.

The writer criticizes the educational system and thinks that we can never measure anyone’s talent, skills, and especially future success by their grades. 

The educational system is the culprit of stress in a new generation

The book Thrivers blames the educational system for the stress, anxiety, and depression in the new generation. This is because when children grow up in a competitive environment. They get pressurized for getting good grades and scores in their exams.

Sometimes they take so much stress that they become anxious. They start comparing themselves with their school fellows and they start questioning their capabilities. Some it also leads to suicidal thoughts.

Here, the educational system as well parents need to understand that every child has different capabilities. Everyone’s mind is not that sharp and their memory skills are not the same.

Raise kids as humans not products!

A study reveals that we treat our children as a product and not as humans. We expect a lot from them that they get pressurized and stressed. It’s not possible that everyone can perform well in every exam. The educational system and especially parents need to understand this badly.

We should treat children as humans so that they grow up empathetic. We need to teach them how to be kind to others. Teach them that failures are a part of life and it’s okay to make mistakes so that they know how to handle mistakes and stress. These are the basic life skills that children should know. This will be helpful for them in every part of their lives. They should be taught how to face a challenge in life. Pressure and competition should be eliminated from the educational systems. Unfortunately, our educational systems don’t focus on their skills and only focus on memory skills.

Explore your skill

Another lesson that the book thrivers teaches is that everybody has a different skill. All we need to do is to figure them out and explore our skills. Grades and scores can never tell your future success as they are just memory skills and no one has the same memory skills.

Self-Confidence is the secret of happiness

In today’s world, the educational system fails to raise skillful and creative people. In Thrivers society capabilities matter more than grades and scores.

The book thrivers show, an American psychologist named Martin Seligman says that the secret of happiness is self-confidence. If you are confident about your skills, capabilities, and tendencies then it will eventually make you happy. Self-doubt kills your happiness. In addition to this, Martin motivates you to focus on your unique strengths and never doubt them.

Besides this, it’s the responsibility of the parents to help their children discover their skills.

Appreciation motivates children to do better

Children always do better when they are appreciated. When they are encouraged at what they are doing, they get motivated and they try to do better. Parents should always appreciate their children for doing what they are good at. Even if is sports, arts, or music.

But sadly, our educational system only appreciates students when they are performing well in exams.

Creativity fades with age

The book thrivers teach us a lesson that creativity doesn’t last forever. As we grow up, our creativity fades away.

Children are more creative because they get excited when they see something different. When they discover something new, the curiosity inside them forces them to learn more. So, in order to learn new things, they get out of their comfort zones and do something out of the box. That’s where their creativity comes out.

But when they grow up in a competitive environment where only grades matter. Then they stop thinking out of the box and so their creativity starts fading.

Thrivers Book

Thrivers book has highlighted a very important topic how educational systems are responsible for stress, anxiety, and depression in today’s era.  The book has given a strong and hidden message to all the parents who expect a lot from their children without understanding their interests and capabilities.

Who would I recommend Thrivers summary to?

The thrivers book summary is recommended to all the parents who expect a lot from their children and compare them with other kids. Those who pressurize their kids for getting good grades in school.