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Author:  Barry O’Reilly

Unlearn (2018) will teach you to change things that you have applied in the past but no longer bring you success. Growth is realizing that in order to become innovative and successful you have to let go of certain habits and patterns.
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Detailed Summary of Unlearn Book

You must have heard a lot of sentences like these in your life: to be successful you need to learn commitment, to become successful you should persevere. There are lots of sermons, literature, and data on how what to learn so that you can be successful.

But have you ever wondered why you might need to unlearn certain behaviors, patterns, and self-depriving habits to become successful? If you are not feeling challenged and you are not happy you need to walk away, unlearn and relearn everything, Unlearn book will teach you all these three steps.

Time changes and with the modern world, we need to learn, relearn and sometimes even unlearn. Sometimes things work for a certain period of time but after a while they become outdated. These outdated strategies hurt leaders more than they hurt others.

Leaders and business owners tend to be more rigid towards their rules and ways because they have been proven profitable for many years. The problem is that their stubborn handling affects all of the employees and the company not only themselves.

Unlearn Book Summary Key Points

What is unlearned behavior? When you feel stuck at some point and do not know what to do, unlearning the pattern is your way to go. Unlearn book summary tells that we require this behavior in our life.

You must ensure that some past beliefs and experiences won’t always work out. And it demands you unlearn that specific rule or behavior. In the following key points, you will learn about the unlearning process that causes hindrances and how to adopt different values, rules, and attitudes to get success in life.

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Unlearning comes outside of your Comfort Zone

The truth is unlearning takes the same or even more courage as learning takes. It is affiliated with change and change comes outside of the things we have been familiar with. Comfort zones provide us with routines and regimes.

This regularity can increase performance and make things run smoothly but sometimes they become toxic; hindering our growth.

 Take the example of the world-famous athlete Serena Williams who had a couple of rough years from 2010 to 2015. Serena knew that in order to grow she had to change a couple of things in her training regime including her training coach. 

She realized that the strategies that she had been following for years were no longer successful. She had to come up with a new coach and training strategies and she did which resulted in her huge comeback in the field of tennis.

You stop Yourself from Unlearning these Patterns

Now that you know unlearning is as much of a process as learning you would be excited to change, relearn and unlearn. But one of the biggest and most stubborn barriers would be your own self. Why? Not because unlearning is an almost impossible task or is exceptionally hard.

Only because as humans we tend to have such a big ego and that ego takes change as an attack. An attack on our long-living values, principles, and rules. As we grow up into adults, we become less attracted to taking risks and carrying out trials.

 Even when we do not know it our mind convinces us that what has been working will still work, stick to it and it is familiar. It takes great humility and courage to accept that we are wrong and we need to change.

The first step toward unlearning is letting go of past successes and bringing a fresh mindset. Let go of the things that have worked and have brought you success. Come into the mindset of accepting things like a baby does when he first comes into this life.

Tunnel Mindset in your Suicide so Starts by Setting Up Goals

One goal. One legacy. One mindset. One rule. Can be tempting and can generate success and lots of revenue and profit for you and your company. But sometimes a single idea and vision can take the whole company into a rut.

The first step is identifying what you want to change. It can be as simple as your morning routine and as complex as a product in your company. Set targets for what you need to change.

What are the ideal goals that you want to achieve through this change? What will be the circumstances then? Visualize the goals that you want to achieve. How will your customers react to the new products? What will be the change in your lifestyle after this regime? Realistically, write everything down. This will take you one step closer to the process.

Second and Third Phase of the Cycle of Unlearning: Relearning and Breakthrough

Relearning can be just as intimidating. You are taking a thing out and giving its space to a new and foreign thing. But you need to experiment with different things. See what brings you closer to the goal you have written above.

What fits and what is not as useful as it appeared? A person should accept failure, and be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn again.

Your improved performance will motivate this change. Motivate your team members and other people involved. Share your success stories with them. Show them the results that are generated with this new and improved outcome. By identifying what works, implementing it again and again, and keeping up everyone’s morals you will improve.

Unlearn Book Quotes

“Delivery is only complete when the system is sunset or retired, not when it is first released.” ― Barry O’Reilly

“Relearning is a process of experimentation to try new behaviors and take in new data, new information, and new perspectives” ― Barry O’Reilly 

Unlearn Book Review

Unlearn presents a fresh and refreshing perspective for becoming successful. The modern world is changing with every minute. Our businesses, economy, and society cannot thrive if we do not let go of outdated methods. Innovation dictates today’s world. So, learn to unlearn with ‘unlearn book’ and become a better you. This is your cue to let go of negativity and redundancy.

To Whom I Would Recommend Unlearn Book Summary

  • To the sixteen-year-old scared of change and new things.
  • To the thirty-five-year-old manager who is set in his ways but needs to improve his work efficiency.
  • To anyone who is trying to become a better version of themselves.
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