Unlimited Power Summary – January 2022

Author: Anthony Robbins

Short Summary
Unlimited Power (1986) by Anthony Robbins is a self-help book that teaches how Anthony helped people achieve their desires and how you can use the same strategies and tactics to have an accomplished life. It has the power to get the results you want the most and build values for others in the process.
unlimited power
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Detailed Summary

“The understanding state is the key to understanding change and achieving excellence. Our behavior is the result of the state we’re in.” -Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement

Do you want to achieve your goals and overcome the obstacles by taking charge of your life? This book will enlighten you on how to do so! You’ll discover some exercises that can generate positive thoughts in your mind. So, you can achieve whatever you truly want in your life.

Unlimited Power Key Points

Failures take you towards the opportunities to learn more

The rules of the game have changed. There is no such thing as failure, as each step you take offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. Success is not the result of genius or luck but comes from a compelling commitment to constant improvement and learning. In Unlimited Power, you’ll find the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to overcome those failures and get the achievement you’ve hoped for.

You’ll find that many successful people have gone through failures somewhere in their lives. From Albert Einstein to Oprah Winfrey, all successful people have had moments where they felt like giving up but the challenge of setbacks and failures strengthens their spirit and determination because they were passionate about their goal.

Failure is a part of success, and this message is what resonates with many people. It is so inspiring that the author has written this book to help others fulfill their dreams and overcome their fears.

Control your brain to overcome depression

According to Tony Robbins, ” We are in control of our lives but by changing our habits, controlling our feelings and believing in those what we want to believe, we can make our ideal life a reality”.

You can not prevent yourself from difficult situations but you can control your brain by changing your perspectives. For example, you want to be a writer but your inner voice says that you don’t have enough skills to write and you are not capable of it. What you mind isn’t telling you that your writing skills can be improved through practice and learning.

What you have to do is to change your inner voice, listen to what it is telling you instead of letting your voice tell you that you are not capable of doing what you are thinking of. But if this isn’t working for you then change your inner voice, try to make it desirable or captivating. This can deny the power of causing anxiety and depression which will make it easier to do the thing you are afraid of.

Achieve your goals through 5-steps of modeling

Have you ever cheered someone for their achievements and admired them for their thoughts ‘I think I won’t ever be good at doing that as they are? Well, you don’t have to sell yourself short. There are some methods to reach any mission. By attaining the tactics of successful people, you can get your desired results. This is modeling which helps you to achieve whatever you desire even if that’s not your field of expertise.

For example, a writer knows nothing about writing technical content but he accepted the offer to write about gaming. Then he researched, read the content of other technical writers, and understood the tone. So, how did he do this? He follows the five steps of modeling that can work for anything.

FIND: Find the professionals and analyze their behavior, personality, and their way of thinking.

IMPLEMENT: Try to examine what other professionals do exactly.

VISUALIZE: Try to examine and analyze what the professionals do in their best performance.

RE-VISUALIZE: Try to put yourself in the shoes of those professionals by doing what you have visualized.

ACTION: Now, it’s time to take action.

Find the better way of communication

You must have heard or learned about different methods of communication in school or college. Some people retain by reading, some by writing or some by listening.

The same technique applies to your partner. When you’re in love, there are many ways of expressing your love. You might be like a person who just says ‘ I love you ‘ or passes compliments to express love or someone who loves to write notes and give gifts to the partner. No matter which method of communication you have does not mean that your partner also has that too. If your partner loves to receive gifts but you only say ‘ I love you ‘ to your partner, She/He may feel unloved. It does not mean that you don’t love her. It means that the way of love she/he wanted, you aren’t giving to your partner.

Change your body language to fight anxiety and depression

Have you ever noticed that when we cry, we suddenly try to stop the tears with our hands and then breathe deeply to feel relaxed? That’s how we control our emotions.

Because of tiredness, sometimes we feel sterile. But we can get the second wind of energy by some methods. The key to fighting depression is to find out what accompanies this feeling then your body will start feeling calm.

Whenever you feel tired or depressed. Pull up your shoulders, open up your chest, and smile. This’ll boost you and bring new energy to you. ” Your postures can sometimes help you to overcome depression at that moment”.

Using the eye movement to improve memory

Another activity for your mind is to film someone who is thinking. You must have noticed, someone, with their pointed-up eyes and towards the right. You’ll possibly analyze that these are usually expressions of some cartoon characters who are thinking.

Try to ask yourself tricky questions, such as how many windows are in your house then you’ll probably look everywhere to find out the exact number of windows in your house. This could be an attempt to remember something. ( Left-handed people will look up towards the left side. )

Believe it or not! These eye movements will help you to switch on your brain for improved creativity and memory.

Who would I recommend the ‘ Unlimited Power ‘ Summary to?

Those dreamers who want to fulfill their dreams and achieve whatever they want. This book will show you how to achieve the desired results.