Unlocking Potential Summary – Learn How You Can Become a Better Coach

Author: Michael K. Simpson

Short Summary
“Unlocking Potential” by Michael K. Simpson is a book that aims to provide guidance and strategies for individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals in life. It argues how a person changes personal growth, goal setting, and motivation and overthrows the hindrances. Moreover, it provides various tips for creating an optimistic mindset and developing effective and worthwhile habits.
unlocking potential
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Do you know what’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Or How do you improve your personal growth to gain some higher level? Well, it all depends on who your coach is. A mentor who gives positive vibes and advice is necessary for your life decisions and achieving goals. A better coach with whom your mentality matches unlocks various doors for you.  

A mentor who provides you with better skills is the hallmark of what you are now. However, you can also become a coach with amazing speaking mastery who supervises others in their team and organization. To learn these mind-blowing techniques, let’s dive into the book that explores coaching strategies and tactics anyone can use to draw out the best potential in others.

Detailed Summary of Unlocking Potential

How do you reach higher? How do you unlock potential? If you’re an entrepreneur, leader, manager, or even just a person who wants to unlock their full potential, you have to ask yourself the tough questions: what is holding me back from achieving your goals? And how do I get myself and my team to reach a higher level? Personal growth and professional development are key parts of leadership. When a person experiences personal growth, they become more self-aware and more aware of their circumstances. They become more aware of what they’re good at and how they can put those skills to use. They take action to reach beyond their perceived limits.

Everyone is Better with Coach

One of the best things a person can do is believe in himself. He/she can change their mind and improve their growth with the help of a coach. If you want to reach from level one to higher, you must have a coach who motivates you and changes your perspectives and beliefs. 

This is one of Simpon’s key points, which is “Coaching.” Having a coach does not mean that you are fixing something or someone; rather, it is about how a mentor changes your vision and ability to become a better and more successful person. Coaching is all about unleashing and unlocking the potential of others to make them victorious. 

Seven Skills of Coaching

In “Unlocking Potential book,” Michal Simpsons shares his view of becoming a successful coach by adopting strategies. These tactics help to achieve the impossible.

  1. Trust
  2. Potential
  3. Self-feedback
  4. Commitment
  5. Execution
  6. Challenging paradigms
  7. Competence and character

Adopt these methods to become a better version of yourself and your team.

3 Powerful Lessons

The following are the best takeaways I have learned from this book.

  1. First and foremost, trust and potential is the best principle of coaching.
  2. Do effective communication by asking the right and useful questions and helping others with the same formula of flow principle
  3. Ask others what they would do if they have the exact situations you are in to get the best advice from them. 

Are you ready to inspire others with your potent mind to reach them high in their life?

Building Trust and Unlock Potential while Coaching

If someone who doesn’t trust you will listen to your advice? Probably not. Building trust is the first and primary task while coaching. But how can it be possible? Befriend them and create a safe environment where they feel valued and heard. Additionally, it can also be done by being non-judgemental and open-minded and showing them that you are interested in their words. 

Furthermore, to unlock their potential, it is essential to help them in a way they can detect their weaknesses and strengths, set goals and make paths for achieving them. These are the fundamental steps that make a person better by improving their productivity. 

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Encourage people by the principle of Flow

To understand it in a better way, it is essential to know what is the principle of flow. A flow is a conscious state of mind where a person is completely engaged in his/her work and performs the best. 

Maintaining a flow leads you toward achieving your goal. When you submit yourself to work and commit to completing it, the desire to do that work becomes consistent since you know this fact how you can help others while coaching them to stay consistent and dedicated to their goals.

The answer lies in the hallmark of coaching, which is engaging people in answers and letting them do critical thinking. For example, you can ask them how badly they want their aim to accomplish. Or what actions and performances are essential to you to impact your goal? This way, you can make others engage and activate them by asking queries. 

Once you engage others to think, it’s time to execute and encourage them to implement their plans into actions to achieve their goals. However, note your ways and strategies of coaching. Do not try to implement your thoughts and judge others’ plans. Instead, respect their personal developments toward their aims and let your clients fly where they want.

Do you know how to help them by being a coach? First thing first, find out how to take them in the flow of the mental state. Additionally, know how you make them comfortable throughout the coaching journey. Moreover, assume which work makes them relax. Try to solve their problems to get into the flow of mind as often as possible to help your clients to achieve most of your goals. 

When they accomplish their goals, it makes them motivated and encouraged to achieve more success in life.

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Always ready to advise your clients to help them out

Do you know what the best rule to develop yourself in a better way is? Do not take other people’s feedback. It only lets you down. Being a coach, you must give motivated and influencing advice. Tell your clients to ask themselves and give feedback to them to know more about it. 

It is simply like advising your clients to help them and make things less complicated. Such as, you can ask them how you feel about what you have just achieved. Instead, sit them for hours and let them hear without asking their thoughts on matters. This thing makes them more motivated towards their actions. 

Do you know the words or interprets of a coach have the power to influence their clients to change for the better? Ensure you use words that make them inspire. Avoid using double meaning or negative words in feedback. Also, listen to your client’s words and do not associate them with negativity. 

It is better to ask them in the first place how they feel about their goal and which thing is to keep motivated to acquire their life objective. Or else, you can ask them how they think they can perform better. When you ask them this way, it energizes you and the other person you are coaching. 

What do you learn from unlocking Potential?

The book “Unlocking Potential” is an excellent piece of art that I greatly enjoyed. This book’s primary focus is to help people strive to achieve their goals by pushing them. Additionally, it provides the idea of how a better coach talks and engages their clients better to encourage them. 

It offers the idea of one’s strength, which leads one to improve. 

Who has to read this book?

I recommend this book to a beginner coach looking for a way to succeed. It will also help a coach who is already doing coaching but becomes even better by helping their clients. This book is also impactful for those who want leadership in every field.

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