When You Were Mine Book Summary & Review

Author: Rebecca Serle


“When You Were Mine” is a love story between two childhood friends who grew up together. Rose and Robe are best friends and live next door to each other. Later, their friendship turns into love, and both feel an infatuation of attraction between them. Rose, aka Rosaline, who always wanted to be their lover of Robe, was in the heavens when he asked him on a date after the summer break. She thought that it was the beginning of her ultimate epic love. However, her love story is devasted by her friend Juliet.

Detailed Summary of When You Were Mine Book

Nothing in this life is permanent. I relate this phrase with this book story as Rosaline lost her first love from her childhood. Rob and Rose’s story ended before it got paced with lovely relationship goals. She was in the heavens when Rob asked her to go date after the summer break. Moreover, she felt lucky and the happiest girl on earth. She could not take a second and said yes.

She thought that their love was always meant to be destined as they only an inched away from each other. When he kissed her, she thought to herself that they were becoming the couple people would admire. Her friends Olivia and Charlie were thrilled when they learned about their dating scene. 

But fate had decided something else for them. Everything got destroyed after the arrival of her cousin Juliet back in the town. She was the daughter of her’s estranged uncle and aunt.

Juliet and her family migrated to LA when the girls were very young. Her father became a powerful and well-known senator. In all this scenario, Juliet and Rose’s friendship shattered. 

She was bold, wild, gorgeous, and had evil plans for her. Juliet lays eyes on Rob from day one and steals him from Rose. She sweeps Rob right under Rose’s nose. That day, Rose was not only her best friend but also her boyfriend. The story did not end with this. 

There were circulating rumors about Juliet’s suicide threats and neediness, making Rose worry about Rob’s heart. But you know Shakespear’s storylines, they always end heartbreakingly.

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Why We Love Summary.

The author Serle befriended Rose with two beautiful, rich label conscious friends with whom she sits at the top of the high school food chain. Additionally, she provides Rose with a villain in the form of outcast Len, which become more handsome and alluring as the years go.

Has the slate been broken? Yes or no. 

The story of ‘When you were mine book summary’ is not captivating enough to shatter the previous ones or give tough challenges to other stories in the market. The book is more relatable to the contemporary period. Just have a look around yourself. You will find that a girl or a boy always comes between the couple and destroys everything. 

Rose, whose heart broke, still lived happily and cared for herself. Yet simultaneously, the reason for her happiness belongs to another guy. Yes, when she saw Rob and Juliet go further and further obsessed and fascinated with each other, she got herself a jerk boy from her biology class to give her burning soul peace. 

However, she did not know what she was doing because of her jealousy towards her former boyfriend. Len Stephens, who was undoubtedly attractive but also cocky and gave Rose a tough time about Rob. 

When the rumors circulated about Juliet’s suicidal plan, she thought to step in but then stopped thinking about whether she could endure the laments that Rob and Juliet’s love caused him. 

Review of When You Were Mine Book Summary

In my opinion (POV), the book is more like tweens than teens. Serle does not write meatier and more complex characters. While reading, I could not find more intense love scenes. When Rob and Rose were in so-called love, they were just going on dates, holding hands and a couple of kisses. The same case with Rob and Juliet. They both did not have much chemistry. 

Olivia and Charlie, Rose’s friends, constantly uttered the word ‘Slut Shaming’ for Juliet. And I have a serious problem with this word. I mean, it is OKAY to say, but spouting the word to a fellow friend constantly made my eyes wide and my face red. 

For me, the love story is no more than called a “Puppy love” or love between youngers. Additionally, it is more like a melodrama than a real drama. The story is more for a younger audience. I think Rebecca Serle would have written a mature romance and characters. Because the characters seem naive and childish. 

When You Were Mine Book Summary Quotes

“That’s the thing about free will: Every decision we make is a choice against something as much as it is for something else”

― Rebecca Serle

“Sometimes…the hardest part about letting someone go is realizing that you were never meant to have them.”

― Rebecca Serle