Where Good Ideas Come From Summary – June 2022

Author: Steven Johnson

Short Summary
Where Good Ideas Come From (2010) is an inspirational read that will allow you to cultivate an environment where good ideas can prosper. The author mentions many useful inventions that stemmed from good ideas including Twitter, eBay, and the world wide web.
where good ideas come from summary
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Detailed Summary

Where Good Ideas Come From Summary will teach you the importance of sharing and discussing your ideas. It gives all of the readers hope that their ideas do not need to be entirely brand new. Good ideas are mostly those that take time to cultivate and grow. They are mostly built on many good ideas that preceded them. The author quotes twitter, eBay, GPS, the theory of evolution, and the world wide web to inspire his readers so that they know the origins of some of the greatest ideas and learn how ideas transform.

In Where Good Ideas Come from, you will learn how to use one idea for multiple purposes and fields, how your idea can generate another idea, and how sharing and discussing your ideas can be one of the most important things you can do the next time you visit a coffeehouse.

Where Good Ideas Come From Summary Key Points

Good Ideas Stem From Each Other

If you look closely at the universe you will come to know that nothing comes out of the blue. Every invention has relied on another one. For example, would eBay have been possible without the invention of computers? Or would there be a microwave without the concept of a stove? No. Because ideas do not exist in isolation. One idea is inspired by several ideas that have existed before it.

Good Idea; Evolution vs Breakthrough

If I ask you right now that what would you prefer to have: a great idea that will evolve over time or an idea that has the ability to the world by storm? You will choose the latter one. This is because we have believed that good ideas are like that. They arrive at the surface suddenly, maybe in moments of an epiphany then the person with the idea shares it with the whole world and the whole world is in awe. But according to Steve Johnson, good ideas are those that time and cultivation to fully grow and bloom. For example, consider Darwin’s work.

Darwin might have claimed that the idea came to him while sitting one day and reading Malthus’ writing on population growth but his notebooks prove that this idea had been brewing itself for a long in Darwin’s head and his notebooks. So his theory is in fact not a result of epiphany rather it is an idea that grew and matured itself over time.

Different Ideas Can be Used for Different Platforms

A good idea can help us in multiple dimensions of our lives. Everything that is only helpful in your domestic life needs to be a great helping source for your work life. Good ideas can be helpful across multiple platforms and multiple disciplines. Consider Twitter, at first, the app was heavily criticized. People claimed that it is just another app where common people can share what they had for breakfast with their friends and carry out idle conversations. Today, it is used by the world’s most important politicians and leaders. We get to know about the most important incidents and happenings of the world through this application because people prefer breaking news through it.

It is considered a serious platform that is not just for entertainment and fun but rather for spreading news and knowledge. Another example is of Global Positioning System (GPS) which was initially used by the military only but today almost every government, state, large tech company, and common people are taking advantage of it. Google and Facebook searches are improved by turning them on so that you can get the most familiar results that will be beneficial for you according to your location whether it is about finding a bus station nearby or a food restaurant you got it!

Great Ideas Thrive in Crowds

Don’t be a snob and share your great ideas with people you have just met, people in the coffee house, your friends, and your colleagues. Good ideas can grow when we share them. Several inventions have helped scientists to invent something else in a totally different field just because they decided to do a cross-discipline examination and take help from the ideas of others. The quality of an idea can be largely improved when we discuss it. Today we have the greatest connecting network, the world wide web through which we can create, discuss and diffuse our ideas.

Now that you have learned some of the ways to generate good ideas, grab a notebook, form a network of ideas, share them with your friends, take inspiration from existing ones, and make sure to discuss them with like-minded people over coffee.

Where Good Ideas Come From Quotes

“A walk; cultivate hunches; write everything down, but keep your folders messy; embrace serendipity; make generative mistakes; take on multiple hobbies; frequent coffeehouses and other liquid networks; follow the links; let others build on your ideas; borrow, recycle, and reinvent.” –Steven Johnson

“A good idea is a network. A specific constellation of neurons—thousands of them—fire in sync with each other for the first time in your brain, and an idea pops into your consciousness.” –Steven Johnson

Where Good Ideas Come From Summary Review

Where Good Ideas Come From Summary will teach you about some of the biggest inventions of our world while getting your super brain juices flowing. It will teach you ways to improve your existing ideas, use them for multiple platforms, and how sharing them can only benefit you. Overall, it is interesting for anyone who is experiencing a creative block and feeling uninspired.

To Whom I Would Recommend Where Good Ideas Come From Summary

  • To the twenty-two-year-old fiction writer who cannot seem to finalize the plot of his next book due to a lack of ideas.
  • The twenty-six-year-old scientist who is reluctant to discuss his ideas in gatherings and on the web.
  • And to anyone who is looking for inspiration and ways to get new ideas.

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