Who Moved My Cheese Summary – June 2022

Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

Short Summary
Who Moved My Cheese (1998) is a parable based on the importance of letting go of fears and adjusting to the uncertainties of life. It will teach you to let go of failures, dead relationships, comfort zone, and the victim mentality.
who moved my cheese summary
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Detailed Summary

Who Moved My Cheese is a parable that revolves around two mice: Sniff and Scurry and two little people named Hem and Haw. They travel the maze looking for cheese but their quest for cheese uncovers many other important lessons for them. Who Moved My Cheese Summary will teach you the best and worst choices you can make in situations that are uncomfortable and are out of your expertise. The author not only explains what to do but unlike in other self-help books, he explains what to avoid at each step of the journey of the mice and men.

Change is inevitable no matter how much you try to avoid it you will have to face change eventually. By delaying this acceptance you will only prolong your suffering and increase your struggles. On the other hand, if you look out and identify the signs before things are about to change it will not feel forced. You will be able to take new and informed decisions. This will also save the time and energy that you would have wasted by sticking to the situation just because it felt familiar and comfortable.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary Key Points

Act More and Think Less

The two mice Sniff and Scurry are in search of cheese to satisfy their hunger. As they are in a maze, they run here and there to find cheese. This example is given by the author to justify the importance of acting more than you think. When Sniff and Scurry do not find cheese on one end they turn and start moving in another direction. The goal is clear in their head: they need to find cheese but they do not sit and weep when they do not find it after going in one direction. They simply turn and follow a new one.

In the same way, we should not let failures or hurdles disappoint us. As humans, we tend to overthink and question everything. First, we take a lot of time before taking action unlike these mice who knew what they wanted and went after it, and secondly when we finally decide to take action and one way does not work as we expected it to, we sit and lament over and over. Spencer Johnson shows us through these mice that quick and swift action is always better than excessively elaborated plans and overthinking.

Change is Universal and Undeniable

Many times we tend to cling to people, old jobs, dead relationships, and comfort zones because we think that by staying we can revive the situation. Sometimes we are too ignorant to even note that things are changing. Just like the two humans Hem and Haw who woke up one day and found their cheese was gone, unlike Sniff and Scurry who noticed that cheese was reducing every other day because they were vigilant.

This shows that we should always look out for changes instead of holding on to the belief that things will never change. When you keep your eyes open to the changes in your life you can identify possible losses and look for new ways that can help you to move forward. Accepting change will save you from a future of stress and wreck. In the words of Trey Anastasio: “Things don’t go on forever, and the quicker you accept that change is inevitable, the happier you’re gonna be.”

It Only Takes a Little Courage

If you visualize your goal and accept the challenge that is in your way you are much more likely to make the same decision again. Just like in the story, Haw found the courage to move on from the disappointment and set out to find new cheese. He didn’t sit there to feel bad about the cheese they had lost. When you went out to get new cheese, his experience and journey taught him a lot more. He felt a sense of pride for coming so far.

 Just like Haw, we lose things too. A job, a house, money, parents, or a partner. In such a situation we are faced with two choices either we can feel bad and cry or we can go out and explore. If you choose the latter you will be able to find your cheese! Just like Hem did at the cheese station N. Remember if you keep on making choices that appear hard but are rewarding, again and again, one day they will not appear hard at all.

Who Moved My Cheese Quotes

“See what you’re doing wrong, laugh at it, change and do better.” –Spencer Johnson

 “Guess it’s a lot better to initiate change while you can than it is to try to react and adjust to it. Maybe we should move our own Cheese.” –Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese Summary Review

Who Moved My Cheese has a refreshing and interesting perspective. The story moves forward as the two mice Sniff and Scurry and two little people, Hem and Haw are presented with similar situations but they act differently. Through the comparative choices they make, Spencer Johnson advises his readers on what to do and what to avoid in their life to move forward. I liked how he explains his point through comparison and I know you will too. On the whole, it is an interesting read with a great life lesson that will do wonders for you if you implement it.

To Whom I Would Recommend Who Moved My Cheese Summary

  • To the eighteen-year-old student who is afraid of moving to a different city for college.
  • To the twenty-four-year-old stuck in a dead relationship who cannot seem to move on.
  • And to everyone afraid of change and getting out of their comfort zone.

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