Who Not How Summary – January 2022

Author: Dan Sullivan, Benjamin Hardy

Short Summary
Who Not How (2020) by Dan Sullivan, will have you rethinking everything you’ve been taught about personal and professional development and the idea of what it takes to achieve the life of your dreams by identifying and solving your problems and looking for the right people who will help you in making changes. It is the strategy on how you can get success through teamwork.
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Detailed Summary

The Question to Ask Before Trying Anything New Is: Who Not How?

Let’s say you have an idea for a new project. Maybe it’s launching a feature, creating a product, starting a marketing effort, or doing some combination of all three.

Never ask how you’re going to do it, but instead focus on who will be doing it. So many people want to start things, but they’re stuck. They don’t know where to begin. Just start with the who and how will take care of itself. And that’s what this article is about: getting started with the “who” first.

Let’s say you’re launching a marketing effort to increase your sales. You want to go from $50k in revenue per month to $100k by launching a new marketing campaign. The who is the important question here: What type of person will be doing this? Hands-on? Tech-Savvy? Creative? Targeted toward a specific demographic? Who will be doing this and why?

Instead of asking: “How can I do this?” You need to ask: “Can I get someone else to do this?”

We all have a deep-rooted belief that we are doing everything and taking care of our customers on our own. But the fact is, there are people out there who are probably doing what you do or something similar at a much better level than you. You just need to know how to reach them.

Who Not How Key Points

Find out the best people to work with instead of the best ways

If you feel trapped in a job you hate, or within a partnership that’s not working – ask yourself ‘Who can I find to help?’. You want to write a book but all you do is procrastinate, ask ‘Who can give me the accountability I need to get the job done?’. If you feel like your business is moving at a snail’s pace and no matter how much time you put in, you’re getting nowhere, ask ‘Who can help me take it to the next level?’.

Why finding smart ‘Whos’ can help you reach your goals faster:

You are limited by your perception of what you think you can do. If your friends were 5 steps ahead, they most probably achieved the results they wanted, because they were able to find the right ‘Whos’.

We live in a fast-paced world, where there is no time to fail. When you ask ‘How’, you focus on how to do it. When you ask ‘Who’, you focus on who’s doing it because you will have more time if you find the right people to help you reach your goals; and If want to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, you need more than just a sidekick. You need someone who is more than just your teammate, but who is also your teammate, who will be there every step of the way.

ImpoIf you have the right people with you, you will have more time to get success

It’s an unfortunate problem that has haunted humanity since the dawn of time; a desire to get more done that seems to suppress the realization that no matter how much effort you put into it, you’ll still find yourself stuck and unable to open the next door.

Completely ignoring the ever-so-prevalent problem of putting in more time and effort than really needed to complete a task, you’re more than likely used to reaching the end of your day and asking yourself, “what have I gotten done?” But what if it wasn’t about getting things done, but instead, who to do them with?

If that’s the case, what if you can shift your perspective from one of sheer willpower and determination to one of support, inspiration, and relationship building?

The question to ask yourself is who do I want to get up on stage beside me and make this thing with me? What community do I belong to that we could build together? I’ve seen so many people try to solve problems by adding more and more things to their work, to their business. I’ve seen people trying to do everything themselves. Not because they’re greedy or scared of working with other people! But because they think that’s what they need to be doing to be successful. When in reality, you don’t have to do it all yourself. You won’t achieve your goals by yourself.

Increase your earnings by finding your right who

The right ‘Who’ is just like hitting the jackpot.  It’s the jackpot for your brain, it’s the jackpot for your health,  it’s the jackpot for your relationships. And it’s the jackpot for your finances.

Following this simple rule has helped me earn much more than I could ever imagine. And for years, I’ve wanted to share it with you because it’s so powerful that I believe you can use it to increase your income by 10x – even 1000x! This is how I earn a living by solving my Hows – and helping others do the same! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Who do you spend time with?
  • Who do you trust taking advice from?
  • Whose advice do you take?

When you find someone who is good at something, let them solve your most pressing Hows, and be comfortable in knowing that your life will turn out better as a result. This is exactly what I’ve done in my life, and I have been able to achieve more time freedom, more mental focus, more financial freedom, and more happiness than we ever thought possible.

“Whether it’s a decision about what to eat for dinner or which candidate to support for mayor, I believe that most people waste far too much time in decisions that don’t matter.” Because a lot of people are too busy trying to make good decisions rather than making decisions. When you’re busy trying to make good decisions, you’re not being efficient. 

Who Not How Quotes

“A painting is never finished—it simply stops in interesting places.” Dan Sullivan

“That’s what real leadership is: Creating and clarifying the vision (the “what”), and giving that vision greater context and importance (the “why”) for all Whos involved.” Dan Sullivan

Who Not How Review

This is a great book and it will extend your thinking power. It is a simple but concise book with good concepts. Liked the writing style of the author. By adopting his strategies, you can get success and happiness in personal and professional development.

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  • Any businessman wants to achieve success at a higher level.
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  • Anyone wants to know how to work smarter.