Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students Summary & Review

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Short Summary
Why “A” students work for “C” students (2012) and Why “B” students work for the Government by Robert T. Kiyosaki is about what financial crisis we are facing globally. It is the result of the lack of education because educational institutes are failing in providing practical education even the basics of financial education. Now, it’s the parent’s job to teach their children about their financial responsibilities. 
why a students work for c students
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A parent always wishes to provide their children with everything in the world. And when it comes to education, they want a practical education for them. However, schools in America are lacking in this matter. The teachers only focus on making the students an employee or jobs rather than making them an entrepreneur and investors. 

The teachers fail to give them the primary teaching of how to become financially stable. Therefore staying in school and getting an education makes no sense for American kids. You wouldn’t deny life’s harsh reality and uncontrollable expenses. As schools fail to provide students with figures and facts about financial education, parents must teach their children about this.

Prologue of the Book

The Book “Why A Students Work For C Students Works for the Government” pen down by Robert T. Kiyosaki. In this book, he explains how the global crash of finances makes people suffer. The rates of living get higher. Schools lack in providing students with basic knowledge regarding how to manage financial crises. Now it is the parent’s job to educate their kids with financial responsibilities.

Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students Detailed Summary

Every parent wishes to provide their children with every luxury and advantage of life. And when it comes to education, they want the best education for their kids. But our school system lacks in teaching students the basic knowledge of living and handling finances. They only focus on making the children an employee rather than encouraging them to become entrepreneurs and big business people.

In reality, we are afraid of becoming entrepreneurs. Schools only teach them to work hard day and night and save money for the future rather than invest in some business and get financially stable.

In this way, parents should teach their kids. But firstly, they should learn financial education to know why it is essential to get literate about financial education. Also, what kinds of approaches and strategies teach your kids to learn about Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students? This method must be applied from their childhood to adulthood. You should definitely give read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary.

3 Main Points of this Book

My three favorite points from this book are;

  1. Set multiple goals in your life to get into the right Cashflow Quadrant.
  2. Allow your kids to use the money to learn how to balance finances.
  3. Absolute freedom comes when you get a financial education and literate your children.

Let me elaborate on these points for your better understanding. 

Set multiple goals in your life to get into the right Cashflow Quadrant

No one summarizes Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book until he learns and understands the cash flow quadrants. But why are these so popular and influential to people? 

The answer is that this four cashflow quadrant allows an understanding of the differences between bourgeois and proletariat (rich and poor) people. 

What are the four Cashflow Quadrants? 

  • E for Employees
  • S for Small Business
  • B for Big Business
  • I for Investor

Educational institutions only focus on teaching you to become E and S. They will not teach you how to become B and I

There are other exceptional cases that your school system would not teach you. They will not teach you what you will do if you move from B to S? What if you move from I to B? Similarly, what if you move from E to S? 

In real-life situations, one must meet a person who has more than one career goal in their life’s journey. Most people could not learn how to upgrade themselves in their life. This is the reason they get poor and cannot get ahead in their life. 

One of the ultimate life facts is that many people move from quadrant to quadrant and get what they want. In our schools, we only encourage them to become specialists and experts. We are told to choose a path and stick to it until life. 

But what if it does not work for you? What if the path you choose earlier is not suitable for you? Shifting from your experts to general might make you a successful person in your life. 

I observe that “A” students’ focal point is mastery over everything (specialize). On the other hand, “C” students excel in everything because they have big dreams. These students will likely move to the “B” and “I” quadrants. This is why “A” students work for “C” students. 

Allow your kids to use the money to learn how to balance finances

Do you ever allow your children to spend money? Rich kids have the liberty to spend money, whereas poor families do not have enough to get their children money. Therefore, rich kids get every luxury of life, whereas poor kids have to suffer. 

But what if a poor family gets $1,000,000? What do you think they will do, either spend on their families or give most of it away? 

Wealthy parents think that showering money relates to their love and affection. They develop the sense of getting everything without doing anything, which makes the world worse. This is why teaching your kids the proper use of money is essential. 

It is essential to develop financially controlling habits in your kids. At some point, rich kids got more marks in this matter as they received money to spend, and from there, they learned to spend money in a good way. Well, this is the most thoughtful and wisest decision to teach them how to balance their finances. 

Absolute freedom comes when you get a financial education and literate your children

Do you know the difference between financial education and financial advice?

Financial advice is like advising people who are struggling with money. At the same time, financial education develops a sense of utilizing money in an investment and making more money. It is a study that leads to making good money.

Why does a housing or car dealer give you the advice to recommend you to get a new house or car? It might seem like they have affection and empathy for you, but in reality, things are quite the opposite. 

What they get by making you fool from your lack of knowledge is a Benefit.

A good education teaches you the standards of living and language. How does a language impact society, and which word is used in which context? For example, words like debt and assets. 

Books Famous Quotes

“In the words of Albert Einstein: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

“In the big picture, life is not about grades. Life is about what you choose to study.”

“Social welfare is destroying the soul of America. Social programs are cancers growing within the spirit of the people they were created to serve. Social programs do not make people stronger. They keep people weak, depending on the government to solve their problems.” 

Summing Up

Ultimately, this “Why A Students Works for C Students” book is excellent for those who are always searching for others’ advice while degrading their own will. Even though this book does not tell much about the world’s secrets, it still unwraps several paths for people to succeed in life. Additionally, it helps students to shed light on their paths to get more out of it rather than stick to one place/idea their school taught them. 

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