Willpower Doesn’t Work Summary – March 2022

Author: Benjamin Hardy

Short Summary
Willpower Doesn’t Work (2018) makes us realize that we should not only rely on willpower to achieve our dreams and goals as willpower is in limited supply and maintaining self-discipline in your life is difficult. The author in his book gave an alternative to success and that is to shape your environment.
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Detailed Summary

The book Willpower Doesn’t Work is written by Benjamin Hardy who has a unique way to motivate its readers to achieve their goals in life. In his book Willpower Doesn’t Work, Benjamin has made us understand the fact that willpower is not only the key to success.

As we are aware of the fact that we live in a World where people and the environment control us. Whatever we do we think of how people will react to it. Even though the author is not denying that willpower helps us to achieve our goals whether we want to lose weight, gain weight or stick to one job or achieve anything in our lives. But the willpower is in limited supply and it’s difficult to maintain it as people play a major role in this.

So according to the author, just relying on willpower to reach your goals is not enough. The people and the environment who has a great influence should be shaped first to unlock your productivity.

Willpower Doesn’t Work Key Points

Change your environment and don’t let the environment change you

The most important lesson that the book gives to the readers is that we have the power to change our environment I.e people around us. Those who demotivate us or let us down or even try to keep us away from our dreams do not deserve to be around us. You must get rid of the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your objectives. It’s not easy, but if you approach it with the appropriate mindset, it becomes a lot simpler. We can change the environment and we don’t do it, it tries to change us. And you probably don’t want that to happen.

The author says that our environment and everything around us should be aligned with our decision. Moreover, the author tells us that we should use willpower when there’s a contradiction between what we’re attempting to do and the situation around us. It will empower you and help you stay determined on your path to success. 

When it comes to humans, the vast majority of us are similar to wild creatures observing natural progression. We are likewise helpless to change our circumstances. We adapt to them, unsure whether this will benefit us in the long run. Others are doing the exact opposite. They construct their environments in the same way that we do with the animals we domesticate so that each modification is simply an update that brings them closer to their goals.

Designating a separate places for everything increases productivity

We all know that we cannot play at our workplace and vice versa because when you work and play in the same place, it’s difficult to be productive.

When you designate one location for work and another for play, your body’s ability to work hard and recoup is maximized. Set aside a space for your office, where you will only work, and a room for relaxation, where you will just relax. By doing this, we will be motivated. 

“Work hard, play hard” is a good motto to live by, but it requires some modernization. We need to include the concept that if we want to be the most efficient, we must do each in a different location!

This also makes us realize the importance of the environment on our productivity. As designating a separate room and its structure, furniture, and everything plays a major role in your productivity. We constantly hear about the benefits of living a “stress-free” existence these days. Such thinking ignores all of the positive features that can result from lower stress levels. There’s a term for this kind of controlled tension. It’s called eustress, and it actually helps us reach our full potential.

Use forcing functions to achieve your goals

Although we all don’t like to be forced sometimes it’s important to accomplish your goals by using forcing functions. 

We all know that exercising is good for our body and eating clean is good for our health but still we don’t do it. There are a variety of reasons for this conduct, including lethargy, frustration, and fear. However, the ultimate effect is always the same: disappointment and sorrow for our actions. Willpower by itself is rarely sufficient, so the question here arises how do we become our best selves?

Using forcing functions is one approach to accomplish this. These are self-imposed constraints that require you to act in accordance with your goals. For example, if you want to spend more time with your family after work, you could propose leaving your phone in the car. Taking calls and responding to emails isn’t really a choice this way. You “push” yourself to disengage from the world outside your family.

Who would I recommend Willpower Doesn’t Work book to?

The book Willpower Doesn’t Work is highly recommended to all those struggling to lose weight or gain weight. Moreover, anyone who wants to achieve so much in life but gets demotivated and changes his plans all because of the people around him.

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