Write it Down, Make it Happen Summary – March 2022

Author: Henriette Anne Klauser

Short Summary
Write it Down, Make it Happen (2001) by Henriette Anne Klauser has highlighted the importance of writing your goals in order to achieve something in life. When you write down your goals, your brain can focus on them. Moreover, the author has shared the stories of people who adopted the act of writing their goals and how their dreams changed into reality through it.
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Detailed Summary

Write it Down, Make it Happen is such a motivational book written by Henriette Anne Klauser. She has motivated the readers to make a habit of writing their goals. This is because when you write your goals, you can focus more on them, and most importantly a part of your brain gets activated to achieve it.

First of all, you should know what you want in your life. So, writing it helps you understand your goals in life because sometimes we see people getting something and we want them just because they have it. Not because it’s our passion or dream. Penning down your goals is the first step towards achieving it. You pay better attention to your goals by journalizing.

Write it Down, Make it Happen Key Points

A part of our brain gets activated when you write your goals

Reticular Activating System (RAS) is one of our brain’s oldest sections, and it is responsible for a number of simple but vital biological tasks. In essence, it trains your subconscious mind to prioritize certain stimuli over others. For example, the RAS causes parents of newborns to wake up function at the slightest noise their infant makes, but it also permits them to sleep through an airplane departure as long as their child is silent. If you’ve ever noticed anything more frequently after a buddy pointed it out to you, such as a certain car or piece of clothing, that’s your RAS function at work.

So basically, you’re stimulating your RAS and telling it, “Focus on these things!” when you handwrite your goals on paper. Your brain will begin to respond to incoming requests, information, and signals in a new way after you’ve done so. Everything is filtered based on how much it aids you in achieving your objectives. RAS is the filter of your brain. Because that’s exactly what it does: it blocks out the irrelevant stimuli and enhances the significant ones.

Visualization is a technique for directing your mind to your desired location. In other words, your brain isn’t very adept function at telling the difference between fantasy and reality, which is why you constantly wake up before falling asleep in your dreams. If you can persuade him that a dream of yours is a reality, he will work to make it a reality and we can do it by writing your goals on paper to stay focused.

Make baby steps to achieve your goals

It’s not necessary to achieve your goals in one go. It’s not even possible I believe.

It’s okay if you don’t have enough investment to start your business. Start from a small amount. But stay determined. It’s a baby step. That’s what the book motivates us to do.

The thing is if we don’t take a step up a ladder how will we be able to reach on top. This dynamic also works for our objectives. Instead of tackling a large objective, start small. Each step will give you a psychological lift that you may use to tackle bigger challenges.

According to Klauser, the objectives do not have to be related. Another way to motivate oneself is to include a charitable component. Let’s assume you aim to make $10,000 this year as a side hustle. So, how about spending $1,000 on one-dollar glasses for people who require them? If you succeed, 1,000 people will profit as well! Actually, they rely on it, which should help you stay on track.

How rapid writing helps in overcoming our fears and obstacles

We all are aware of the fact that fears and obstacles come along with our goals. When we want to achieve something, we have a fear of failure as well. But according to the author, just like we can use writing to achieve our dreams, we can also use writing to overcome our fears and obstacles. He has called rapid writing I.e whatever fears or doubts you have on your mind, brainstorm them and write all of them down on paper.

Don’t stop, don’t edit be candid, and don’t be concerned with whether or not what you’ve written makes sense. Just grab and pen and paper and write everything on it. Once you’ve worked through all of the unpleasant aspects, you’ll naturally begin to consider alternative remedies. Stop when you feel finished, take a break, and then go over everything again. At the very least, you’ll get a few beginning points for solving your problem.

Rapid writing not only helps in overcoming our fear but sometimes we also get to know our fears and insecurities that stop us to achieve our dreams and we are unaware of them.

Who would I recommend the Write it Down, Make it Happen book to?

The book is recommended to anyone who set a lot of goals but fails to stay focused on them. Moreover, anyone who loves to write a journal every day about her day and every minute detail needs to read this book. It will help them realize that their love for writing can help them achieve their goals in life.

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